Discover A Simple Way To Get 6 Pack Abs

If you are so busy that you can't afford to have time to visit gym. But still you have a dream to get six pack abs then there is a way to have easy six pack abs. Here are tips to have six pack abs with few abdominal exercises that can be done even at home; these are easy but best ab exercises for you to get six pack abs. If you are someone who needs a little help there are guide by trainers that offer more techniques and nutrition guides. These are not meal plans but guides that offer education and teach what foods are good or bad for your goal.

Crunches - It's a most popular exercise that is used to work on upper abdomen. Treated as one of the basic exercises for effective six pack abs; crunches can be done by lying on flat surface with position of your hands on chest or behind head. Contracting your abs to hold for 2 sec and then returning back to lying position will complete a crunch. These crunches are to be done in controlled and continuous manner. To pull your upper body up, use abdominal muscles instead of neck or shoulders otherwise that will cause stress and strains.

Side Crunches - The technique used is same as regular crunches, only difference is workout being done for oblique muscles.

Lying Leg Lifts - This ab exercise is for lower abs. The position to be adopted is same as crunches. Here you have to lift your legs about six to twelve inches above the ground. Your hand should be placed below the buttock while performing leg lifts.

V - Crunches - Its similar to lying leg lifts with chest at 45 degree angle. Here bringing knees toward your chest will create a V motion with base of the V your abs.

Bicycle Crunch - Lie down flat on the floor with hands on your head and raise knees to 45 degrees, start pedaling like you do while riding the bicycle.

Cat stretch - The movements in this exercise are same as done by cat to stretch their back. For this exercise get down with your hands and knees on the floor, muscles relaxed and looking ahead. Thrust your back as far as possible while tightening your abdominal muscles. Maintain this position for some time before lowering your back.

Standing side bends - For this exercise stand straight with legs straight keeping hands on the side. Now you have to lean your body left to right, keeping the body front facing. With will to have six pack abs and working hard even at home instead of gym can remove your flabby stomach.

To work for easy six packs abs is not only possible by essentially visiting the gym, you can achieve that even with workouts at home. For fitness there are best ab exercises that will tune your body to six pack abs removing your flabby stomach. This is possible with regular workouts even at home if you can't spare time for gym. Your dream of six pack abs is very much achievable; you only require having will power to carry on workouts on regular basis.

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