Tongkat Ali - 5 Reasons to Purchase

For those considering Tongkat Ali, it is natural to consider the all-natural herb with a guarded eye. There are literally thousands of natural products that do not perform as advertised. Tongkat Ali Extract is real and will perform as advertised if the product comes from a reliable provider.

By that, I mean a provider that only uses the mature 20-30 year old roots of the tree Eurycoma Longifolia and who uses today's advanced manufacturing equipment to perfect the extraction process. While the equipment may be great, the harvesting of the root is the key to success. Currently, the roots must be hand-dug in the rain forests of southeast Asia. Your manufacturer must use the traditional harvesting method and the new modernized, efficient extraction method and should be able to offer the extract in capsule, pill, liquid or powdered form.

Put your mind at rest and check out these five reasons to stock up on Tongkat Ali:

1. Testosterone Booster- According to longtime herbal expert and published author, Chris Kilham, who recently appeared on television with the famous Dr. Oz to discuss alternative therapies, testosterone is the most important of all the male sex organs. Testosterone also promotes secondary sex characteristics, libido and appearance. Tongkat Ali Extract has been proven to increase the libido in men and women while enhancing the sexual organs and energizing sexual activity. Erections are firmer and last longer with Tongkat Ali.

2. Helps Body Building - As documented in the British Sports Journal in 2004, Tongkat Ali has proven to produce helpful quantities of adenosine troposphere (ATP). ATP helps determine our energy and vitality levels. According to Kilham in a recent test, half the men used Tongkat Ali Extract and half the men did not. After eight weeks, the men who had used the extract in the physical training program had more muscle mass and more strength than those who did not use the extract. The muscle building capabilities, increased energy and vitality are sound reasons for bodybuilders to use the extract.

3. Tongkat Ali is Safe - As a non-habit forming, all-natural herbal product, Tongkat Ali is extremely safe. The extract has passed both acute and chronic testing. Although helpful for building muscle mass, Tongkat Ali is not a steroid. Side-effects only occur in instances of over-dosage. As each user's requirements are unique, users typically begin with lower intake and work their way to the 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract level. The immediate side effect one may confront is a slight flush. More significantly, your body will experience an increase in your free testosterone level as well as an increase in your bound testosterone. Other than that, side effects may include restlessness, insomnia and increased energy.

4. Tongkat Ali Extract is Healthy - Men and women become so excited with the sexual effects of the extract that they forget the other health benefits. After all, Tongkat Ali was used as a remedy for malaria, fever, pulmonary disease and heart disease long before the testosterone benefits were discovered. If you need a lift, this powerful herbal extract may just be your best bet.

5. Tongkat Ali as Cancer Cure - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Malaysian government developed a patent on certain Tongkat Ali compositions to be researched as possible treatments for various cancers. Recently, joint efforts between Japan and the U.S. have undertaken research for other potential uses of the extract.

Want to lighten your step? Do what Dr. Oz and Chris Kilham suggest. Try Tongkat Ali today. You will be glad your did.

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