The Effects of Diabetes on the Body
Blood sugar is an often-underestimated component of your health. When it's out of whack over a long period of time, it could develop into diabetes. Diabetes affects your body's ability to produce or use insulin, a hormone that allows your body...
By US Health Corps
Understanding Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that is characterized by high blood sugar, or glucose. When someone has the disease, his or her body may not produce enough insulin, or his or her body cannot effectively use its own insulin. These issues cause glucose to...
By Taylor Thomas
Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment
Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is caused by nerve damage in the arms and/or legs and is often associated with fluctuating glucose levels in diabetic patients. However, many diabetic patients keep their glucose levels normal but still get the...
By Michael V
How the Whole Family Can Cope With Diabetes in Children
Diabetes is a very serious disease. Managing this disease for adults is difficult enough, what more if a child is diagnosed of having the said disease. For parents, it will definitely be a challenge to find out...
By Brent McNutt
Understanding Diabetes
Diabetes is a very common disease, with almost 8% of the United States population being affected. It can be a serious condition, especially if not monitored and treated properly. Diabetes is basically a metabolic disorder that affects the way the...
By Jessica Kihara
Passing A Kidney Stone Fast - Totally Safe And Successful Techniques Revealed
The natural health information available here will educate you about passing a kidney stone naturally and safely. You will learn about this important health issue and how people are presently treating it.
By Nelson Babs
The Advantage Of Alkaline Diet To Diabetics
Diabetics find difficulty in maintaining the proper sugar level without keeping an ideal diet. Fortunately, there is one diet that is believed to be good for diabetes that is the alkaline diet.
By Emma Deangela