Heart Disease - How Can High Risk Women Protect Themselves From the Dangers

In contrast to the popular belief that males are more at risk to sudden heart attacks than women, recent researches have proven that one of the major causes of deaths in women is heart diseases. Also, it has been proven that women rarely received medical treatment within an hour and a half after being admitted into the hospital with heart problems. Many people are unsure as to why more women than men die of heart attacks. While there are others who speculate that the main reason for this is that most women have smaller blood vessels and a smaller heart that are damaged easier. Furthermore, some women aren't even aware that they are suffering from heart problems or they might experience different symptoms that may not be directly related to heart problems and therefore they receive late or no medical treatment.

But how can a woman protect herself from the dangers of a severe heart attack?

Some of the major causes of heart disease are age, family history, high cholesterol, smoking and high blood pressure. A good understanding of the risks could possibly help to deter at the outset the life potential dangers of a heart problem.

An individual who has high cholesterol and blood pressure maybe at a greater risk to heart problems, however, these conditions can be controlled by regular exercise, losing excess weight and having a balanced diet. If these ways don't work then you should make an appointment with your doctor, who may prescribe some sort of medication for you. It is also mandatory that women over 45 do a cholesterol screening.

If you smoke then you will need to quit. If you're having difficulty quitting then you should try consulting your doctor, who can write a prescription for you, skin patches or other over the counter drugs to help you on your quest to stop smoking.

Another critical factor to prevent heart disease is regular exercise and keeping a healthy weight. This is important because if you are overweight it will strain your heart resulting in other severe problems like diabetes and high blood pressure, which can damage your heart. In addition to this, regular exercise will help your heart muscles and you, healthy.

Eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet will also help your vital organs like your heart to remain healthy. You should try to consume less fat and sugar, but as much natural foods like vegetables and fruits as you possibly can. To keep track of how many calories you consume daily, you can make a quick check on the nutritional labels.

If you feel any sorts of pains in your jaw, shoulder, neck or chest, you should not take it lightly, but check with your doctor immediately, as this may be an indication of heart problems. You should be very careful if you've had a family history of heart disease and you are feeling any of the above symptoms. However, some women have had heart attacks even without symptoms like chest pains, but if they will have symptoms like excessive sweating with vomiting, dizziness, nausea and being overly tired, they should get it checked out as well.

Don't try to drive, if you're having a heart attack, but rather allow someone to drive you and do remember to have the name of the specific hospital on hand so that they can handle your coronary problems, by giving you immediate attention and treatment.

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