Heart Disease - 6 Heart Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Heart disease is a normal phrase that we are aware of. It denotes a wide variety of problems relating to the heart. Surveys have provided the necessary evidence that heart diseases are claiming a large number of lives all over the world. In United States of America alone the mortality rate due to heart diseases is stunning one person per 30 seconds.

There are debates and research about the ways to defend this catastrophic phenomenon. The only way to effectively counter that pathology is to know the various symptoms of it. There are some common and under normal circumstances unnoticed heart symptoms for the several heart disease. If you are able to realize it, then there is every chance that you will be able to prevent it to a certain extend, provided that the surrounding circumstances are also favorable.

There are mainly 6 heart symptoms that you should not ignore. The various minor and major heart symptoms are named and explained a bit for the sake of understanding;

Chest Discomfort:

This is a common aspect among people irrespective of their age or health condition. For the same reason, it is usually not taken that seriously. But it is to be realized that it is one of the main signs of heart disease. It could be caused by many reasons, but should never be ignored. It can cause different feelings in different people like a disturbance or uneasiness, severe or slight pain or as a burning sensation. Whatever be the type of feeling if there is a chest discomfort, it should be considered as a heart symptom which you should not ignore and it is advisable to consult a physician as soon as possible.

Consciousness Problem:

You may feel like loosing your consciousness, medically called as syncope, which is another heart symptom. Normally it can be caused by other reasons like low blood sugar and blood pressure problems which are not associated with heart disease. It can also be a symptom of grave heart disease.


Fatigue can be simply defined as the incapability of a human body to carry out its functions under the normal circumstances. This is also one of the familiar heart symptoms which you should not ignore. Another form of fatigue is sleepiness. If you feel over tiredness, its better to consult a physician and get a heart check up done. This could bring to light the fact of any heart disease you may be having.


Difficulty in taking in air could be the symptom of a problem with your heart. When the person is lying with his back on the surface and feeling a bit difficult to take in air, it could be one of the six heart symptoms which you should not ignore. It is easier to confuse this heart symptom with mild asthma. But this could actually be due to any of the heart disease.


The person who is having a heart disease will sweat even though the surrounding temperature is normal to other individuals. He will feel uneasy due to this. This is also one of the heart symptoms which you should not ignore.

Heart Failure:

A heart failure or a cardiac arrest is an apparent symptom of heart disease.

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