What Do Irregular Heart Beats Mean?

Irregular heart beats is either a sign of a heart problem or just an anxiety attack. How will you know if you have a heart problem? How can you prevent having a heart attack? Let's discuss warning signs and irregular heart beat symptoms here.

Heart problems are silent killers. Heart attack is the leading cause of death worldwide. Anyone can be affected. Any gender, any age groups or even race. But prevalence is more women and much older persons are affected. This is due to the risk factors. The most common is lifestyle. Other factors include smoking, alcohol abuse, exercise, diet and obesity. In some cases a heart problem is due to congenital disabilities and illnesses. It means that they have a heart problem when they were born.

Symptoms of heart problems include irregular heart beats or rhythm, palpitation, hear murmurs (a different sound heard in the heart aside from "tub-tub"), difficulty breathing and body fatigue. It is better to consult your doctor as early as you feel you have irregular heart beat symptoms.

Angina attacks are common on people with heart problems. It is a pain felt in the chest particularly on the left side and radiating to the shoulders. It is often 15 minutes or less. It can be triggered by stress, depression, anxiety, heavy workloads and strenuous activities.

A more painful angina, like sharp pain, and lasts more than 15 minutes is not angina at all. It must be a warning sign for a pending heart attack. In this case, calling a doctor or going to the hospital is your priority. A couple of second the heart has not received oxygen it will progress into a heart attack, and if in the brain, it is stroke.

Knowing irregular heart beat symptoms can prevent you to getting killed by this disease. Get your life back with no worries. Always consult your doctor. Patient education is the best management. Remember, irregular heart beats is not the only symptom of a heart problem.

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