5 Steps to a Good Hair Transplant Surgeon

The prospect of finding a good hair transplant surgeon can be time consuming if you do not know where to start. The common sense approach is to get a recommendation from a friend or an associate. And since the procedure requires precision and expertise failing which the outcome can be on most occasions irrevocable (unrepairable).

Hair transplantation is a highly specialized field of cosmetic surgery, one of the most sensible first step is look for the list of medical doctors who are members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Society. If given a choice, I would much prefer a Hair restoration surgeon, as they are also called, who are current and relevant in all their skills, and membership to this society validates this through their continuing quality improvement and education for professionals in the field of medical hair restoration surgery.

Once we get past the first step, the next best way to find a good surgeon for hair transplanting is by going through the following 4 steps:

1. Look for a hair restoration surgeon in your city. While medical tourism has picked up and people travel to Asian destinations like India, Thailand, Pakistan for transplantation surgery to save money and get good treatment, hair transplants ought to be carried out in your place of residence for practical reasons. Let me explain how this helps in multiple ways. Firstly, you do not have to leave your comfort area since you are familiar with your city of residence. And a transplant is still a surgery after all, and there is a possibility that you might need to make multiple trips before and after the procedure for further consultation, take advice whenever there is discomfort, and above all, have easy access to the doctor. Traveling thousands of miles does not make economical sense at all, especially if a problem arises and the journey has to be undertaken time and again. I know because countless people have approached us for hair transplant repair work.

2. Shortlist the hair restoration clinics in the city and look for references. Recommendations of people who have already gone through this procedure is a big help. The family physician who is part of the medical fraternity in the city can also help in finding good surgeons.

3. While checking out and comparing the rates and charges, shortlist those that fit into the budget allocated for the hair transplant. Out of these, look for the most highly qualified and experienced surgeons, and find out details about their expertise. Good surgeons will always have patients willing to vouch for them. Patient reviews and reports give a lot of insights about the procedure and the common hair problems one might faced.

4. The success rate of the clinic and the surgeon is reflected in the percentage of hair growth achieved by its patients. Many clinics offer to replace the grafts that do not show hair growth free of charge at a later date. Find out if the clinic offers the same.

All these fact gathering endeavors will result in the selection of the best hair restoration surgeon and make your grafting procedure a success.

Regain & enjoy fuller head of hair at the Australian Institute of Hair Restoration, a hair transplant clinic based in Sydney, Australia. Call 1300 733 092 for a free consultation with Dr Andrew Kim. Surgeries can be performed in Melbourne, Canberra, and Brisbane as well.

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