Hairloss No Longer Has a Social Stigma

Hair loss may not seem like a big deal, but to those that suffer from it, it can be devastating. Hair loss is a biological disorder and many times special treatment is needed to stop or reverse the process. Not only do brothers, uncles and aunts find themselves loosing abnormal amounts of hair, but Hollywood celebrities are not immune. Quite often, celebrities have access to professionals that are unavailable to the regular population. However, we can learn what these celebrities did to cure their hair loss and also do the same.

One Hollywood celebrity has a particularly touching tale of hair loss; this is the story of Gail Porter. Known for her attractive and smart TV broadcaster abilities, Gail stared in a number of television programs on the BBC network and other popular channels. She gained popularity due to her sweet voice and attractive physical appearance. However, she suddenly found her life in complete disarray, she was suffering from Alopecia. Alopecia is a disease that speeds up hair loss. Gail Porter decided for her health, to take a temporary retirement.

Alopecia is an auto-immune disorder. The immune system attacks the hair follicle, which leads to the hair dying and falling out. As you can imagine, the loss is quite dramatic and startling. It is not uncommon for a sufferer to go entirely bald. If a man is afflicted with this disease, he may be able to cope with going bald, but for a woman, it is unthinkable. This is what Gail Porter was looking forward to in her premature retirement.

There is no known treatment to permanently cure Alopecia. However, according to Doctors, if a person is attacked by Alopecia, it is best to ride out the progression before treating for hair loss. For some, new hair may grow naturally without any specialized treatment. There are few medications or lotions which may produce some new hair growth, but ultimately, no medication can guarantee a permanent solution to this problem. Gail Porter is currently in high spirits as she reports her hair is slowly growing back. As far as treatments are concerned, Gail choose to undergo laser treatment procedures to help encourage hair growth.

Not all hair loss is due to extreme circumstances as in the case of Gail Porter. Shane Warne, John Anthony and Austin Healey were not diagnosed with Alopecia, but they did, in fact, face hair loss. They bravely faced their hair loss and continued to grow their careers despite their difficulties. They all opted for hair growth treatment and eventually they all succeeded in beating their hair loss. One of the newest and most effective treatment options is laser treatment. Of course, there is no guarantee, but an option that may work for some.

If laser treatment is not a viable option, there are many homeopathic medications which also help speed hair growth. For some, new hair growth is not possible. Many people who find themselves in this situation find success with a hair transplant procedure. Many options are available for hair loss despite the reasons for the loss. However, before using a medication or topical cream, always consult your doctors or physicians regarding the best treatment procedure for your unique situation.

Hair loss is a serious condition. It affects many people from all walks of life including glamorous celebrities. Despite the severity there are many available treatment options. Do take the time to learn what options work for your unique situation.

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