How Not to Have a Bad Hair Day, Ever!

I know the claim is a bold one but think about it. You just need to apply a few rules and be consistent about them and you can pretty much rest easy and not ask every fifteen minutes: "does my hair look okay?"

These simple nuggets will help you have healthier and better looking hair.

You may have heard this one before but changing your lifestyle to a healthier one will help your hair look better. You should try to avoid stress and reduce your smoking or quit all together. A healthy and nutritious diet can only do wonders for your hair. Also, become best friends with your bed and make time to sleep. Honestly, it helps the hair.

You should also realize that there are certain habits you will need to shed. You should try not overusing sprays, gels and mousse that contain alcohol because they make your hair brittle and dry. If you have to use them, make sure not to apply them directly on your scalp because of your pores. The direct application will clog them.

As you wash your hair, remember to use tepid water (warm is also fine) because when the water is hot, it dries out your hair and is not scalp-friendly.

Your shampoo and conditioner also have an important role in how healthy your hair is, therefore choose them wisely. There is not one product that works best for everyone but you should try them out and see which ones works best with your hair type.

I know your hair dryer is the next best thing invented since sliced bread but it can do more harm than good to your hair if not used wisely. Before using the hair dryer, use a towel to pat some of the moisture out of your hair then use the blow dryer. It will make the process go faster.

Furthermore, instead of using the hot setting use the cool one, it will give your hair more shine as it dries and not damage it as much as the hot setting. You should also remember to move the blow dryer around your head and remember to not keep it too close to your strands.

Another good habit to develop is combing your hair when it is nearly dry. Your hair is not strong enough when wet and combs as well as brushes will damage your ends (causing split ends) or even hurt the scalp. As you untangle your strands, start with your ends then gradually get to the roots. This will make your brushing go smoother.

Speaking of hair styling tools, you should invest in combs (plastic ones may create static electricity) that have wide teeth and your brushes should have spaced out bristles.

One more good habit to acquire is to clean your combs with shampoo at least once a week.

If you swim frequently remember to soak the hair before jumping in the pool so that your hair does not absorb the chlorine in the water. The best thing to do is to wear a cap but if you choose not to, you should wash and condition your strands immediately after your swim.

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