How to Stop Hair Loss in Women

Female hair loss is real and unlike men, can hit women at any age. This can be disastrous as women prize their hair crowning glory. Now there are various hair care products to help reduce, stop and to reverse hair loss in women.

The most obvious examples of balding women are those who have been hit by cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy to fight the cancer cell growth. Other less obvious causes of hair loss in women is if follicles seem to rest or die off in the telogen or resting phase of growth; switching to other hormone-based birth control products that may cause your hair to fall out; resorting to crash diets like liquid diets which deprive your hair of vital nutrients; and being on medication for disorders (aside from the previously-mentioned cancer.) Some people, on the other hand, just have great genetics, whatever condition they may be physically, they maintain proper hair growth anyway. Who said life was fair?

But what about those who are not so lucky? What do the women who suffer from thinning hair and then lose hair as well? One thing you can do proactively is to consume more and better forms of nutrition that are good for supporting hair growth and hair health. This means consuming vitamins and other supplements which are aimed at doing those things for your hair. Next, you can consult a specialist who can try to identify what exactly is going on in your body to make you lose your hair. Nothing can ever supplant the advice of a credible and accredited specialist - not even self-medication.

One important thing you must do is to eliminate unnecessary stress from your life. Make some adjustments to your lifestyle and move towards the direction of having a healthier body and mind.

Thinning can also happen if you are experiencing hormonal changes changes in your endocrine system. If you seem to have unusual levels of testosterone in your body that can also make you lose your hair because of the testosterone by-product known as DHT. This is why certain products claim to stop hair loss because they can remove DHT as DHT has been proven by medical science to be directly related to hair loss. For cleansing your hair, use shampoos that blocks DHT- this will help to arrest enzyme conversion.

An auto-immune disorder called alopecia areata hits certain women. This also leads to hair loss. Unfortunately technology cannot offer a perfect solution for this condition.The only known treatments to this disorder is to improve the resilience of the immune system, injecting steroids and apply prescription-type topical solutions to arrest the progression of the illness.

You may also find that your hair loss is due to a sudden growth and spread of fungus on your scalp and in your hair. You will need the dermatologist to determine this for certain - after which, the doctor may recommend a good strong anti-fungal shampoo or hair loss shampoo solution that you can wash your scalp and hair with. The hair loss ought to be arrested with such a product in time.

Whatever the cause of your hair loss is, take heart, medical science has been able to come up with appropriate solutions for many of the causes of hair loss. Do not try self-medicating if the hair loss you are experiencing is significant. Take your case to a specialist right away for diagnosis and treatment

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