Unexplained Hair Loss in Women: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Women are characterized by their hair. It is the hair which makes women look beautiful. You should be really lucky to get beautiful hairs because it can have an overall impact on your looks. Women treat their hair with so much care because they know what importance it has to their beauty. An unexpected hair loss can happen both in men and women. This condition of unexplained hair loss is called Alopecia and is caused due to a variety of reasons. Most of us who face hair loss problems will be looking to find some treatment. It is always advisable that you seek medical opinion for these unexplained hair losses rather than deciding on any treatment of your own.

An unexplained hair loss in women would be the result of a number of causes. There are many women who go for extreme diets which can result in the loss of hair. There are chances that a woman may lose his hormone levels after the birth of a child. This reduction in hormone levels will ultimately result in hair loss for women. You can even lose hair due to the after effects of any fever or the trauma caused by a surgery. Another cause for unexplained hair loss can be the sudden stoppage of birth control pills.

The best way to ensure protection for your hair is to give it less attention. Most of the women are very interested in getting themselves ready before going out. They do all types of perming and coloring which is ultimately affecting the hairs. When you do a hair straightening you are actually heating hair which can cause damages to hair in the long term. There are many who would prefer a swim in the swimming pool of a theme park or a hotel. It should be taken care of that we wear a hair cover while swimming as this water is heavily treated with chlorine which can cause hair losses.

Most women have the habit of going in for a strict diet. The basic purpose behind this diet is to get slim. But you don't know that these activities of yours can ultimately result in hair losses. So we must ensure that multivitamin supplements are taken while on a diet. Another prominent reason for hair loss can be the drinking habit among women. This habit should be avoided or the chances for you losing your hair are many. If you are a person carrying a lot of stress with you, then this can also be a reason for hair loss in women.

Certain medicines prescribed by the doctor would also result in hair losses. If you notice hair loss after starting a medication then it should be brought to the attention of the doctor as soon as possible.

Women with beautiful hairs are mostly admired by most men. It is a pleasant view to our eyes to see women with beautiful hairs. The best way to avoid loss is to remain natural itself. Too much dependence on these cosmetic products will result ultimately in damages for your hair.

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