Hair Replacement Solutions For Baldness

There are many people throughout the world that are afflicted with baldness to some extent or other. There was a time when this was a dreaded condition that had no possible method of treatment beyond wearing a wig. In recent decades there have come many advances in the war on hereditary baldness. Some of these advances are surgical while others utilise prosthetic treatment solutions that appear equally as real. Either way it is a proven fact that no matter how bald an individual is they can have their hair restored to them in some fashion.

Surgical treatments vary slightly, but most involve remove hair from either the back of the neck or buttocks and implanting it into the scalp. The purpose of these treatments is to place the individual's hair directly into bald or balding hot spots. This procedure is utilised in evening out the hair line and allowing natural hair growth in thinning or bald regions. When performed properly it is virtually impossible to tell the procedure has been done and the hair can be treated in the same manner as any other strand of the individual's natural hair. However, if performed by a less skilled hair replacement professional it might have the appearance of doll hair.

Non-surgical treatments are all the rage of late. This is due to the non-invasive method of their practice. These practices range from Flashpoint treatments to strand-by-strand hair replacement. In the middle of the spectrum lies the advanced laser therapy concept. Of these three treatment types the one most often cited and chosen for usage is the strand-by-strand solution. Flashpoint is a rather new system that allows for the creation of a hairline or extensions of existing hair without the damaging effects of using glue or a weave. Advanced laser therapy actively uses a laser to stimulate new hair growth while reducing the effects of the baldness causing attributes in an individual's scalp.

The strand-by-strand solution is a method that many people choose because it gives a similar result to surgical solutions without the necessity of actual surgery. It involves attaching hair to either existing hair, in the manner of extensions, or by directly applying it to the scalp with either mesh material or a polymer. High quality versions utilise European hair due to hair natural color variation in the population. Lower priced and lesser quality versions might utilise either animal hair or Asian hair. While Asian hair is naturally very strong it typically must be bleached and dyed to meet specific hair needs. This degrades it greatly and may cause it to frizz, break, or split at the ends.

In the end there are any number of methods for solving the problem of human hair loss. Whether these means are surgical or non-surgical the end result is a lovely head of hair. The ability to walk in public without the fear of ridicule and the capacity to live life without having to constantly stop and consider whether or not an activity to affect a particular hair system that you might be wearing is also an important factor.

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