Fight Balding With the Latest Hair Treatment

Male Baldness can be effectively treated to stop hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. Treatments and techniques are available to battle this hereditary condition and maintain positive self-image. The goal of all techniques is to block DHT, the cause of hair follicle death and loss. All hair treatment techniques require a lifelong dedication to ensure hair loss doesn't return.

Hair loss is a difficult condition for men resulting in a search for hair treatment or techniques to stop and reverse balding. Although many treatments exist to fight baldness, no permanent cure exists. The treatments that do exist have had levels of success with men who have made these treatments a permanent part of their battle against hair loss.

Hair loss is the result of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) presence in the body. This DHT affects hair follicles causing them to die. The dead follicles cause the hair to fall out. All men contain levels of DHT, but the level of vulnerability or resistance is hereditary, but which family member was responsible for the vulnerability is difficult to determine.

Approximately 95 percent of male balding is male pattern balding called androgenic alopecia. The most effective treatment for fighting baldness is to block the DHT responsible for hair loss. Several products and techniques have been developed to effectively block the effects of DHT.

The most common treatments for fighting baldness are the use of the Rogaine and Propecia. Rogaine, an over the counter cream is available in pharmacies and other places. Propecia, a pill requires a doctor's prescription for purchase. Both products effectively block DHT. These products have been successful in the prevention of baldness in young men and the restoration of hair growth.

Mesotherapy has been successful in hair loss stoppage and new hair growth stimulation. This therapy combines a series of hair loss medications including vitamins and minerals and known DHT blockers. The use of microinjections to the scalp improves blood circulation to the scalp to strengthen and revive hair follicles. The duration of primary treatment may be from several months to a year, but overall treatment must continue to avoid a return to hair loss.

Surgical hair transplants are an expensive, but effective method to restore hair loss. Healthy hair is taken from the back of the head and transplanted to the hair loss areas. The key to success is the use of DHT resistant hair for transplant, is the use of hair follicles from the area within the ring of hair unaffected by follicle death and eventual fallout.

This surgical procedure has the greatest success rate with male pattern baldness. Men usually undergo this procedure once or twice because thousands of hair follicles are transplanted at one time. If a man suffers from diffuse baldness where hair falls from all over the scalp, this procedure will be less successful because the hair is unstable. However with all transplant procedures, anti-rejection medicine will be prescribed to avoid a return to hair loss.

Many men use natural products containing herbs, essential oils, and vitamins have been developed as hair products of shampoo, gel, oil and conditioner to block DHT. Aside from surgery, the focus is on diet and ensuring the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as zinc, copper and magnesium. Although male baldness may be hereditary, choices do exist to fight male baldness and achieve victory.

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