Tips on Eating in Restaurants Without Breaking Your Diet

Just because you are under a strict diet does not already mean you are also banned from eating in restaurants. Restaurants have that misconception that they serve fatty foods which can totally break a healthy diet. This is entirely wrong, because there are actually many restaurants which focus on having healthy menus. Though there are some who are not really aware of what they cook, there are still ways to know that foods in the restaurant are good for someone's diet.

The first tip when it comes to eating out is to plan the date ahead of time. If you are already set on eating out for that certain day, then consider the meals you will be consuming to confirm that the nutrients and calories are just right. Also, the second best important advice is to never be afraid on making your requirements with the food you want to eat. It is the responsibility of the restaurants to serve their customers the way they like it so never hesitate to make some special demand for the foods on the menus.

Furthermore, when eating in restaurants, never go for extra large servings which are very normal nowadays. If the restaurant is only serving fixed size, you can simply ask for half of the order and the other half to be wrapped for your take-home. Another advice is to order food separately instead of the normal complete packages. This way, the diet can be easily monitored and followed. One important skill you should learn is to know how to identify foods which are cooked with low calorie cooking methods.

When eating in restaurants, it is also possible to make special requests on how your food orders can be cooked. For example, instead of having roasted chicken, you can ask if they can have it grilled or if buttered vegetables can be steamed instead. Also never bring down your resistance to temptation for food test. If you are offered with some appetizers before the main course, ask the waiter to remove them once you've already had a nibble.

When it comes to eating out, probably the most important factor to consider is the food you will order. With this, you need to be able to identify those which are healthy and those which can just cause problems to your diet. Basically, deep fried, crispy, sauted, escalloped, and stuffed orders are those which are very high in calories and fat. As an alternative for these orders, steamed, grilled, poached, and baked foods can be chosen instead. If it is possible, you can also request for your food to be cooked in vegetable oil instead of butter. Foods which are also high in sodium like cocktail sauces, pickled food, and teriyaki or soy sauce should also be used minimally.

For steaks, those served with au jus style by broiling, steaming, or baking can be acceptable. When ordering lean meat foods like these it is important to go easy when it comes to adding rich sauces. Another popular healthy food is sandwiches. When ordering for one, only select those made with multigrain breads, wheat or pita. Before ordering, make sure that the restaurant also used low-fat cheeses and deli meat as well. Sounds too demanding, right? Well, that is the way you must eat. Anyway, if the restaurants get familiar with your food choice and diet you do not have to sound too demanding the next time you are around.

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