Tips To Naturally Prepare Your Body For Surgery

Tips To Naturally Prepare Your Body For Surgery

If you know that you will be going into surgery and have plenty of time to prepare your body, you should do everything possible to get your body ready for the trauma.

The general rule of thumb is that the two weeks prior to surgery are the prime time to get your body in proper condition to have a successful surgery. Taking this time to physically and mentally prepare your body for surgery will help not just with calming your nerves prior to surgery, but also with decreasing your recovery time once the operation is complete.

Although practicing the following tips will not guarantee that you have a successful surgery, it will ensure that you are preparing your body in a positive way prior to your procedure.

Avoid Alcohol, Nicotine, and Caffeine

Avoid Alcohol, Nicotine, and Caffeine

It's worth noting that alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine should be avoided for the two weeks leading up to a surgery. While some people argue that withdrawal from these products can cause stress and tension for the individual, there are other ways to relieve this tension that aren't as detrimental to your health as smoking a cigarette or drinking alcohol. Smoking will prevent your blood from carrying the high amounts of oxygen you need to help tissues heal, along with causing other damaging long-term effects on your body.

Drinking alcohol is very dangerous for surgeries because alcohol mixed with anesthetic drugs or sedatives can make you extremely sick. Plus, alcohol dehydrates the body, which delays the natural healing process. Avoiding caffeine will help your body stay hydrated and keep your digestive track calm and heart rate down to normal levels. Caffeine boosts your heart rate, which can be a dangerous effect when going into surgery.

Stay Hydrated and Boost Your Diet

Stay Hydrated and Boost Your Diet

During any recovery process, it's important to keep your body as hydrated as possible. Fluids like water, coconut water, and sports drinks provide fluid and electrolytes that help your body begin the healing process. While most doctors ask you not to eat or drink in the hours leading up to surgery, getting your body on a normal hydration routine prior to that will help with healing during your recovery. Many pain medications dehydrate the body, so having your body hydrated will help prevent headaches, diarrhea, and general weakness.

There are some essential vitamins and minerals you can ingest to boost your immune system and help your body through the surgery process. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, like chicken and fish, are always good choices for your diet. In the weeks before surgery, focus on these power foods, and make sure you're ingesting higher levels of Vitamins A and C to help your immune system.

Practice Meditation or Yoga

Practice Meditation or Yoga. Just as important to physical preparation for surgery is mental preparation.

Just as important to physical preparation for surgery is mental preparation. Being patient through your surgery and recovery process can dramatically improve your psychological outlook on your situation. By practicing mediation or yoga during the weeks leading up to your surgery, you can prepare yourself mentally for the challenges that lie ahead. Work on breathing exercises that allow you to focus your mind entirely on the intake of oxygen into your body. The more in-touch with your body you can become, the better, and meditation practices like breathing exercises are great ways to focus your energy. Plus, during the weeks or months of your recovery, you may find that meditation helps to keep you focused on your goals. Beginning this mental training now may lead to physical benefits for your healing in the future.

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