What to Know About a Bloated Stomach After Eating

There are many people who find themselves with a bloated stomach after eating. This usual digestive complaint has found to have different causes. There are also those who suffer this problem even if they have not been eating. This is due to a graver problem which can be addresses by a physician. If you find your stomach bloating after a meal, it may be because of any of these causes stated underneath.

If you drink or eat quickly, this will make you take in too much air. This is the same with smoking and chewing gum. You will then see your tummy bloating because of excessive air or gas. There are also foods that can make this happen such as beans, broccoli, cabbage and soda. When you take in antibiotics, your stomach shall bloat as such medication causes gas.

Consuming too much food in a single sitting can cause bloating. When you eat three full meals a day, you will suffer from this condition.

When you eat food with gluten or lactose, this can also cause bloating. Gluten can be found in barley, rye and wheat while lactose can be found in milky products.

According to science, the stomachs of women empty more gradually thus the reason why they suffer more from stomach bloating than males. When they consume excessive fatty foods, their stomachs tend to empty a long time.

When you are constipated, it is but natural to suffer from a bloated stomach. Constipation is having less than 3 bowel movements weekly which can be painful or difficult due to dry and hard stool. There are also people, especially women, who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome which can lead to stomach bloating and abdominal pain.

In order to stop having a bloated stomach after eating, you should take it slowly when you consume food. When you eat large bites and chew fast, you tend to inhale more. The air in your tummy increases thus causing bloating.

Do not drink carbonated beverages as these have tiny air-bubbles which you also consume thus causing air buildup and bloating. Such drinks include beer, seltzer water and soda.

Refrain from smoking because this causes inhaling. Smoke and air goes into the lungs, stomach and esophagus.

Do not eat too much and limit consuming foods that are high in fat because the stomach tends to slowly digest fats. When you eat too many fatty or even healthy foods in just a single sitting, this encourages food buildup in the tummy which causes bloating.

It is recommended to stay away from certain vegetables that cause stomach bloating. Aside from the veggies mentioned above, you should also avoid cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. There are also people who suffer from stomach bloating when they eat foods having too much fructose such as fruits.

Avoid artificial sweeteners as they are difficult to fully digest thus causes bloating and excessive gas. Food items that are sugar-free should also be avoided.

It is also recommended not to chew gum prior to a meal as the body takes in more air. This causes bloating because the tummy must accommodate excess air as well as the incoming food.

These are the things you should know about a bloated stomach after eating.

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