Bloating Remedies Found at Home

When you feel like your stomach is swelling or tight, you are suffering from stomach bloating. This uncomfortable and painful condition has several causes which include eating heavy and fatty foods, smoking, stress, anxiety and premenstrual syndrome. Those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome can also experience bloating. The good news is that there are bloating remedies at home which are effective in lessening or eliminating this condition.

There are certain foods which cause bloating such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprout, onions, pears, apples, prunes and peaches. Although these are fruits and vegetables, they should be eaten in moderation as they cause gas buildup in the stomach. Whole grains that are enriched with fiber also causes bloating thus they should also be taken moderately. There are beverages such as carbonated sodas and colas which have tiny bubbles that turn into bigger ones when they enter the tummy. Artificial sweeteners should also be avoided as they add to digestive comfort and bloating. Foods that are rich in fat are also longer to digest thus results to stomach bloating.

Water retention due to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) also results to bloating. Foods such as pasta also encourage water retention thus they should be avoided.

The foods that give relief to stomach bloating are those that are enriched with potassium. These include cantaloupe, bananas, tomatoes and spinach as they control the body's fluid levels. They also ease water weight due to PMS. When you increase your intake of fluids, your body shall eliminate excess fluids. You should also take probiotics found in yogurt which reload your body's digestive system with good bacteria and relieving digestive discomfort and bloating.

Bloating remedies also include making lifestyle changes. When you overeat, this results to bloating. Eat and chew slowly and make sure you enjoy your meals. When you feel stuffed, stop eating. When you drink carbonated beverages, do not use a straw as this will make you inhale more air. You should also avoid smoking, sucking hard on candy and chewing a gum as these cause bloating as well. If you are lactose intolerant, consume non-dairy alternatives instead of dairy products.

When you experience bloating due to water retention and foods you consume, you should work out regularly. You can walk for thirty minutes as this helps you digesting food properly and lessening the pain you feel with bloating. You should sweat a lot if you are suffering from retention so as to eliminate excess fluids in your body. Bloating is also due to anxiety, stress or nervousness because anxious, stressed out and nervous people tend to swallow a lot. To remove stress, you can meditate, sleep well, relax and have a whole body massage.

If you are suffering from humiliating and painful bloating which cannot be cured by these natural remedies, you should ask your doctor for medication. These however would cause side effects to your body. You can also take a food supplement that would aid your body in digesting the trigger foods which you have taken. The food supplement should have ingredients that would not stimulate stomach bloating.

These are the natural bloating remedies that you can find or do at home.

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