The How-To's of Preventing Snoring

Have you even been pushed off a bed or been hit by a pillow by your spouse because of your snoring? If you are creating noise which makes sleeping impossible, who could blame him or her? Sometimes, the snorers themselves wake up to their own noise and result to restless nights and cranky mornings. But what causes this? Could anything be done to stop disturbing other sleepers? Or better, what can be done to prevent snoring? A lot of articles have been written to help snorer's and a snorer's partner to cope with this sleeping problem and resolve this. Let's try to compile a few of other people's ideas and tips to help other readers get over this annoying habit.

First the nitty-gritty of snoring: What causes it? During our sleep, if there is a disturbance to the air passage while breathing, the respiratory structures, such as the uvula and the soft palate, vibrate and create a sound we recognize as a snore. There are a lot of factors which could cause airway obstruction. Most of these causes are attributed to thick throat tissues, a misaligned jaw, a congested airway and sleeping flat on your back.

There are actually a lot of ways to prevent snoring. Here are a few tips we combined to help you with preventing snoring.

1. Lose weight - Snoring usually happens with people who are overweight. This is because there are a lot of excess throat tissues which cause vibrations and create a noise. If you lose a few pounds, the extra tissues might also grow thinner and diminish snoring.

2. Change sleeping positions - Another cause of snoring is when you sleep flat on your back. When sleeping in this position, the tongue is moved at the back of the mouth and blocks the airway passage. Because of this airway obstruction, snores are created. Try sleeping on your side to push the tongue aside.

3. Change your lifestyle - Consistent drinking of alcohol, smoking or even inhaling second hand smoke could clog your throats. If you experience lung and nasal congestion, snoring will definitely take place.

If you have already tried these snoring preventive measures and they still do not work, there are also a lot of treatment measures one can take to put a halt to your snoring. Such methods are dental appliances which help adjust the jaw to prevent the tongue from blocking the airway, surgery, medicine and a whole lot more. If snoring continues to be a problem, consult a physician first and seek for their professional advice.

You could improve your sleep today. Learn how to prevent snoring today and you will find you sleep better then ever. Learning to avoid snoring starts with your commitment and some good training. Why not sleep better tonight?

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