Promoting Natural Health Through Chiropractic Slipped Disc Treatment

Discs are comprised of rings of fibrous material with a hard gelatinous center. If the stringy loops are cracked, the glutinous material pushes out, thus, bringing on a slipped disc.

If you have a slipped disc, it does not suggest that your disc has slipped literally. It only suggests that the disc has moved out of its right place. Slipped discs are in fact bulging discs.

Meanwhile, a slipped disc can also result to other disorder symptoms involving pain down the back of the leg (sciatica), numbness or weakness.

The Slipped Disc Treatment

Chiropractic method in slipped disc treatment will be the main focus of this article. Chiropractic is an approach to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) that concentrates on realigning the spine to ease the pain and promote healing.

The two main techniques of chiropractic slipped disc treatment are listed below:

"Pelvic Blocking" Technique - This method includes using cushioned wedges, set under every side of the pelvis along with moderate exercises. Doing this will allow the force of gravity to take place. This also permits the changes to draw the disc far away from the nerve.

A series of non-force treatments, along with observation and assessment, comprises the common disc injury treatment. If there are no signs of improvement, however, it is suggested to refer the patient to a different spine specialist. The chiropractor can still treat the patient though, by co-managing with the specialist.

"Flexion-Distraction" Method - A specialized table is commonly used in this way of slipped disc treatment, and this table allows the spine to stretch freely and the chiropractor to segregate the area of slipped disc involvement, while bending the spine in a pumping rhythm. No pain is expected in the treatment.

The flexion-distraction technique has become the most generally applied technique in treating symptomatic disc injuries involving back and leg pain.

Chiropractic Slipped Disc Treatment Uses No Drugs

Chiropractic slipped disc treatment does not include using drugs. The spinal nerve stress is lessened through chiropractic techniques, therefore developing natural health through the body.

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