Gonstead - A Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractors often use a treatment called Gonstead to correct a problem in the musculoskeletal system. The only area that's adjusted is where there's a problem. A mechanically correct position and precise thrust ensure an accurate adjustment is made. This is done to make sure there's very little pain or none.

Misalignments are looked for and corrected which clears nerve interference and restores health nerve function.

This type of treatment involves visualization, palpating the spine with patients in a static position and motion palpation or feeling the spine as a patient moves different ways.

X-rays and instruments such as the Nervoscope are also part of Gonstead examination.

Vertebral Subluxation Complex is a change in the position of two vertebral bones. Muscles, nerves and tissues are also affected. Several symptoms occur when the spine becomes subluxated. Muscles may feel tight or tender and tissues can be damaged.

When chiropractors use the Gonstead method called static palpation, they look for edema, swelling or tender tight muscle fibers. These symptoms come from compressed nerves or spinal joint malfunction. The motion palpation is used to detect difficulty in the segment of the spines movements. It usually is a subluxation if there's no movement.

The Nervoscope is a tool that helps find subluxations, measures temperature differences on between both sides of the spine and helps the chiropractor know if a patient is improving. Inside this instrument is a meter. It has two probes that give a reading and detect heat from inflamed nerves. Blood flow is altered to the blood vessels in the skin when there's a subluxation. This is what causes a difference in temperature. The Nervoscope is guided down the length of the back and is painless.

The chiropractor takes x-rays to help find the problem area in the body. These include posture, join and disc conditions and vertebral misalignments. The positions of the subluxated vertebrae are also noted which will give the information the doctor need to adjust the spine effectively.

Other things can be ruled out with the use of x-ray such as recent fracture or pathologies or diseases. The entire structure of the spine can be visualized with x-rays. Visualization is often used along with other findings.

Chiropractors have a lot of experience in look for changes that usually aren't noticeable. They look for changes in posture and movement which could mean there's something wrong.

All of these tools help the chiropractor find the cause of a health problem or symptoms. Sometimes orthopedic and neurological testing and laboratory analysis is also done. Along with the Gonstead treatment, the history of the patient is carefully looked at.

This treatment is based on the intense research of chiropractor Clarence S. Gonstead and is used worldwide. It takes dedication and practice to apply this system so not all chiropractors use it in their practice. The position of the vertebraes in the spine is repositioned to restore optimal health.

The Gonstead adjustments may be somewhat diverse according to each patient's situation or condition. This treatment is known to be very successful.

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