Logan Basic Technique For Chiropractic Care

The Logan Basic technique is a very low force treatment that some chiropractors use. It involves the muscular structure that surrounds the sacrum and is used as a lever system. The doctor puts a light pressure on a leverage spot on the sacral bone while the patient is in a face down position. He holds the pressure for a few minutes as he uses the other hand to rub the back muscles to release tension. This causes the entire spine to move toward balance. The light pressure allows the muscles to relax. This is a very gentle treatment but it's extremely effective.

An examination is given to a patient before the Logan Basic technique is administered. This is usually done while the patients in a standing and lying position. The examination includes a weight bearing postural analysis which looks at the structural landmarks of the body. This gives significant information to the doctor. Full spine A-P and lateral x-rays may also be taken. Patients that are very large or tall usually aren't candidates for full spine x-rays because it's difficult to get a good image. All parts of the x-ray film need to be of diagnostic quality so the doctor can read it accurately.

Fatigue poisons or build up chemicals in the body can cause severe exhaustion. The Logan Basic technique releases these poisons by relaxing the muscles. This treatment may be an effective treatment for eliminating headaches, fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems, mood swings, sinus and allergy problems. It works well for low back and pelvic alignments. Patients with osteoporosis can be treated with this method because of its low force adjustments. The low force also makes it an ideal and gentle treatment for infants, children and the elderly.

Logan Basic technique is often used successfully to treat women during their entire pregnancy and labor. Pregnant women may experience uncomfortable symptoms such as tightness and pain in their hips and lumbar and gluteal muscles. This treatment can reduce some symptoms and help the pelvic function correctly. The table used to give the treatment is a high-low table which is very comfortable and safe. Procedures that are used include piriformis contact, sacral unlock and the main contact called apex. The apex contact is meant to establish proper sacral alignment. Perineal contact is used starting at the fifth month to improve muscle tone in the pelvic muscles which helps with a healthy delivery. Doctors may need to get verbal and written permission before using the perineal contact.

The Logan Basic technique involves analyzing the spine and its biomechanics in normalcy and with problems that are caused by sacral subluxations. Biomechanics means studying the stability, motion and deformation of the spine/ it's learning about various spine disorders and the best way to treat them. Dr. Logan, the inventor of this technique, stated that since the spine rests on the sacrum, it could obstruct the stabilization of spinal subluxations if the sacrum were unleveled or subluxated. This gentle but powerful treatment has helped many people find pain relief and correction of postural distortions.

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