4 Cures For Excessive Underarm Armpit Sweating

Extreme armpit sweating is something that can certainly affect your life, it makes you not want to join in any sort of sport or exercise, it stops you enjoying summer and can really affect your self confidence; let's have a look at how can you stop this unnecessary armpit sweating.

You should know you have four primary alternatives to deal with underarm sweating:

- You can either try stronger antiperspirants, the over the counter antiperspirant that has aluminum zirconium to truly block your pores and get rid of bacteria. But that may be a bit harsh for some people and will not work on more extreme cases.

- The following option is to try using something such as Botox, this can cure excessive armpit sweating by blocking the signals getting there. It is FDA approved for treating the armpits, but make sure your insurance covers it first as it is costly at about $1000 per treatment, and you will need to have a couple treatment sessions every year at least to maintain the effect.

- The last and more serious treatment alternative to take care of underarm perspiration is surgery, you can either have Surgical Tumescent Liposuction where you have liposuction under local anesthetic to suck out sweat glands. It is reported to have a good effect and will reduce sweating quite considerably, but no surgery is without risks! You do not have to remain within the hospital after the surgical process unlike the one below.

-The second form of surgery is keyhole surgery to cut a nerve that relays signals about sweating around the body, it can also cure a sweaty face and hands if your suffer with that too. The key problem with this is that first its a lot more intrusive than the one above, having to be performed under general anesthetic instead, and second then sometimes your body can compensate and instead of excessive armpit sweating then it moves elsewhere. Some sufferers report they prefer it as at least the other places are less visible, but it is something to watch out for.

So there you have the top treatments in the medical industry at the moment to cure excessive underarm sweating, I hope the one you choose works well so you can get some welcome relief!

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