5 Popular Yoga Positions

Although there are many different types of yoga, some poses are very well known. People that have never even performed it may have heard of specific poses and others that take the classes on a regular basis have their favorites. This will give brief insight to some of the well known positions and explain the technique. Some of the most well know positions include child, tree, triangle, cobra posture, and salutation.

Child is ranked as one of the lower level difficulties. You begin this posture by sitting on your knees with your feet under your buttocks. Next you will need to inhale deeply and while exhaling place your chest on your knees, while swinging your arms forward. At this point your head should be facing the ground with your arms stretched in front. The last step is to place your forehead on the floor, if possible, and bring your arms back beside your legs.

Tree pose is also a low level difficulty position. You will start this posture by standing on both feet, placing them closely together and your arms down to the side. Bring your right leg up, resting it on your left thigh. After gaining balance on your left leg, bring both arms up above your head with your palms meeting. Try to keep your arms as straight as possible.

Much like the first two, the triangle has a difficulty level of low. To begin this you must be standing with both feet together and your arms by your sides. You will now separate your feet apart a little farther than shoulder length. While inhaling raise your arms so that they are parallel with the floor. While exhaling bend at the waste to your left and try to keep your arms straight. Allow your right hand to touch the left ankle and keep the left arm extended upward. Try not to bend at your knees or elbows and hold the posture for as long as you desire. When finished with the left side repeat on the right to keep your body in correct balance.

Cobra is ranked with a difficulty level of medium. To begin this you must lay on your stomach with your arms alongside your body. While exhaling move your hand's up to the front of your body placing your palms on the ground. During the next exhale push on your hands and raise your upper body while keeping your hips firmly on the ground. You will now be facing forward with your back arched.

Salutation has a high level of difficulty. To begin, sit on your knees with your buttocks on your feet. You then will kneel up on your knees so that your body is straight from your thighs to your shoulders. Move your left foot forward creating a 90 degree angle at the knee and place the palms of your hands together at your chest. Raise your arms strait up and bend your head back so that you are looking up to the ceiling. After holding this posture for the desired time switching legs is recommended.

These five positions are some of the more common poses in yoga although there are many others. Some of these may be called other names, however when thinking of yoga these come to the minds of many.

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