Fitness Myths Busted!

Every sphere of life has its own set of facts and fiction. No matter what you do, there must be some stories about your profession that are really popular among the masses. No matter where you stay, some urban legends must be associated with your city or town. So, it's no wonder that even fitness training has many false stories and wrong assumptions surrounding it. What is important is that you do not let yourself be misguided by these fitness myths.

The best way to fight a myth is with knowledge. If you know what the facts are, then there is very little chance that you'll fall for the stories. Here is an in-depth look at some popular fitness myths, exposed in the light of reality!

1. You need to work out 'lower abs' to have a flat stomach.

You should know that there is no such part of the body which is called the lower abdomen. In order to have a flat (perhaps 'washboard') stomach you need to work out the muscle known as the 'rectus abdominis', along with three others. They are the internal and external obliques and the transverse abdominis.

These muscles extend from your chest all the way down to where your legs are attached to your torso. Moreover, if you want six pack abs, you need to shed your fat first and then do exercises such as crunches to sculpt the abs.

2. Soreness is an indicator of a good workout.

This is not true most of the times. Muscle soreness is caused by wear and tear in the muscles as a result of strenuous workouts. While some soreness after exercise is expected, if you are sore even a day or two after working out, you have over-trained.

This soreness is an indicator of the fact that you have not rested adequately between two workout sessions. It might also happen because you did not warm up properly before working out.

3. Don't work out if you can't do so long and hard.

It is definitely necessary to have a well-planned fitness regimen and stick to it for achieving your fitness goals. But if you cannot afford the time for regular exercise, it doesn't mean that you should forego exercise completely. Just remember that exercise is about being active, and so even walking for thirty minutes everyday can provide you with benefits. Thus, even if you cannot hit the gym, take some time out everyday to jog, run, do free-hand exercises or play some sports, just to break out from your sedentary lifestyle.

4. Strength training is not for women.

This is perhaps one of the most common misconceptions harbored by women who work out. You might be one of the many ladies out there who think strength training will 'bulk you up' and give you a very unfeminine look.

Scientific research has established the fact that women can't bulk up as a result of weight training because they lack the hormones to build substantial muscles. So, you can actually do strength training without worries!

A great way to rid yourself of fitness myths is to train with a fitness instructor. After all, only an expert can guide you precise facts. Hope you find this information enlightening!

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