How to Get Flatulence Cure

Although it is a natural occurrence in life, many still view flatulence as something funny and ridiculous. Because people laugh at those suffering from it, it is a state thought to be embarrassing and unpleasant. This is a condition where air passes through your rectum and comes out either noisily or smelly or both. The good news is there is a way you can get flatulence cure so that you will no longer experience the symptoms which include a bloated, gassy and unlikable explosion.

Know why you are suffering from flatulence, especially if it is uncontrollable. There may be an underlying reason behind which includes diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn's disease. Visit your physician so that he can make you undergo tests to eliminate possible potential causes that may be serious.

At home, drink peppermint tea. The oil in this beverage shall soothe your digestive tract thus lessening the flatulence.

Know what the foods and drinks are that trigger gas and avoid them. Foods that are enriched with carbohydrates, fiber, starch and sugar and carbonated drinks such as beers, colas and sodas produce gas. Remember that there are specific kinds of food that cause flatulence in one individual than in others. Determine the food you have consumed the moment you pass gas and then avoid them when you are surrounded by people.

Lactose can cause flatulence thus eliminate this from your diet. For fourteen days do not eat dairy products. If you find your flatulence decreasing, this may be the reason for your condition. Try substituting dairy products with lactose-free alternatives such as yogurt. You can also consume lactase supplements as this digests lactose and lessens gas buildup.

Activated charcoal can also reduce flatulence. Orally take 5 grams of this every day as it sucks up excess gas in the stomach and then decreases flatulence. You can get such activated charcoal in capsule, liquid, powder and tablet forms. They are available in natural and health food shops. This is available at the natural food store.

Flatulence cure also includes avoiding foods enriched with fiber and fat. Foods that are fried and fatty lead to bloating and then to uncontrolled flatulence. Although fiber is essential to the body, it also heightens flatulence. It is therefore advised to take fiber moderately to limit flatulence.

Consume meals in smaller portions rather than consuming large and full meals every day. Refrain from eating once you feel full. When you overeat, this can lead to severe flatulence. The body can only digest food easily when foods come in by smaller portions. Less gas is also experienced.

Minimize air you swallow by eating slowly and avoiding smoking, candy-sucking, chewing and drinking beverages via a straw. If you have dentures that do not fit properly, this can also cause flatulence.

Work out regularly because according to tests, mild activities like walking and biking can relieve gas when you suffer from intestinal conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. Exercise also improves food digestion according to medical studies.

Try any of these flatulence cures if you are suffering from the said condition.

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