Your First Time Getting a Massage

Are you stressed? Do you need something to help you relax? Then you should try a massage. But perhaps you've never had one before, and you are nervous about getting a massage. Maybe you have concerns about laying on a table face-down for an hour or longer. Or maybe you are worried about getting undressed in front of some stranger. Or perhaps you just don't know if you can handle a stranger touching you. Don't worry. Massages given by licensed massage therapists are relaxing treatments that millions of Americans indulge in. Let me see if I can alleviate some of your concerns.

One main concern of first time clients is just the fact of being naked. I'd first suggest when you make the appointment that you tell the massage therapist that this is your first massage. Most therapists will take the time to explain how they will conduct the massage and will help alleviate any of your concerns.

However, there is no need to be worried about being naked. The massage therapist will ask you to undress but suggest you leave eon your underwear if you are nervous. The therapist will step out of the room so that you can undress and then lay on the table. Once on the table, you will cover yourself with a blanket so the therapist never sees you totally naked.

If you are concerned about having a therapist of the opposite sex, when you make the appointment, you can just ask for whichever gender you prefer.

Once you are under the blanket, just try to relax. The therapist will come back in the room and begin the massage. She will usually talk to you in low tones, telling you to roll over and how to do so. Typically she will lift the blanket and hold it up so that she cannot see you as you roll over.

If you are worried about laying face-down for a long period of time, don't be. If you are ever uncomfortable or think you need to get up, just tell the therapist. However, I can promise you, the massage is very relaxing so you won't' want to get up. Massage tables are designed to be lain on, so there is usually a headrest with a hole so that your face can go in the hole and you can breathe. Typically the therapist places a rolled pillow under your ankles to keep your legs at the most comfortable angle, too.

The massage therapist might use some specialty items like heated massage stones. Don't worry about these. They are always sanitized. The stones will not burn you, as the therapist keeps them at a perfect temperature. She will hold the stones herself, so she knows what they feel like. The stones are usually wet or oiled, and the therapist will glide them along your muscles. It is very relaxing.

For folks who have never had a massage before, it can be a bit nervous. However, if you know what to expect before you go to the appointment, you won't be as nervous. Additionally, if you talk to the therapist ahead of time and let her know this is your first time, she will be able to help alleviate any concerns you have. Massages are excellent ways to relax and reduce pain, so I highly recommend them to anyone.

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