Geopathic Stress and Its Horrific Effects on Humans

Geopathic stress is damaging stress to life (especially human) caused by radiation that beams through tectonic sutures and other underground disturbances.

Studies show that the Earth "breathes" or "vibrates" unevenly, with different effects on people. In the 1930's, German scientists found the so-called "cancer houses" where people were dying from cancer. The works published by the German scientist Gustav von Paul gave birth to the concept of "geopathic zones". These zones were found in many countries.

The first large map of geopathic zones was made in 1992, in Russia. It turned out that the incidence of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other diseases in these zones were 5 times higher than in neighboring areas. Scientists have traced 4 major zones in Eurasia with a distance of 1900-6000 miles (3000-9500 km) long, and 60-150 miles (100-250 km) wide. These areas have numerous earthquakes, as well as an altered electromagnetic field, gravity, and air.

Physical health is not the only consequence for people living in the areas of geopathic stress. Over the past 60 years, the absolute majority of armed conflicts occurred in one of the 4 global geopathic zones, as these abnormal areas can also cause psychological stress. People living in the zone are subjected to its negative effects, and are more stressed and aggressive. This can create "psychic epidemic" - frequent armed conflicts and mass mental disturbances.

The largest number of armed conflicts in Eurasia is confined to the largest geopathic stress area that stretches from the Pyrenees through the Alps, the Caucasus, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, India, Cambodia, Tibet and Vietnam. These areas are soaked in blood and tears, and covered with burned towns and villages. The range of this horrific zone is 6000 miles (9500 km) long, and 150 miles (250 km) wide. Also, this zone has an extremely high number of earthquakes (e.g., the earthquake in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, India, 2005, Magnitude 7.6). The following pattern is noted: first there is an armed conflict (e.g., civil war), and soon there is an earthquake (e.g., the earthquake in the city of Spitak, Armenia, 1988, Magnitude 6.8). This gigantic zone has an extremely distinct geological origin - it is located right on the Alpine-Himalayan tectonic suture.

The other three major zones of geopathic stress have a distance of 1500-1900 miles (2500-3000 km) long, and 62-92 miles (100-150 km) wide. The first one is in the area of the Adriatic Sea, the second one is in the area of the Red Sea, and the third one is in the area of the Persian Gulf. We all recall the armed conflicts in these areas - it will suffice to recall the Arab-Israeli conflict that continues for over 60 years.

Today, any homeowner can check whether their home is located in a disturbed zone, by using the help of professional dowser. We can also turn to Feng Shui (an ancient Chinese notion) that understands these abnormalities and expresses them in Chi (healthy energy) and Sha Chi (unhealthy energy). According to Feng Shui, these zones can be located next to railways, tunnels, mining, power stations, military bases, and even telephone poles. A Feng Shui expert can locate the zones and perform "Earth Acupuncture" - place temporary or permanent "needles", such as candles, incense, planted trees, fountains, sculptures, stones or plants onto the premises.

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