Why You Should Get a Stone Massage

Tired and bored by usual massage, or a first timer in massage therapy? Perhaps you should try getting a hot stone Massage.

Usually taking 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours the hot stone massage is one of the most relaxing and beneficial massage therapies around. Heated basaltic rocks, such as Gneiss, that are found in Mountain Rivers so that they are smoothened and flattened by river action are usually used. The rocks are heated in water to an optimal range, and because they are rich in minerals such as iron do not loose heat fast.

When the session begins and as the rocks are heated, the therapist may begin aromatherapy and apply essential oils to the body using his/her hands. The stones are then placed on the body's chakra (energy) points on the neck, back, along the spine, hands and in between toes to give the most comforting sensation of warmth and relaxation.

The heat from the stones increases circulation by expanding blood and lymphatic vessels. This is especially helpful with those with urinary and toxin ailments as waste products form the bodies tissues will be easily removed with this opening of the body's 'highways'. The heat also expands the muscles in contact. This gives the sensation of utter and immense relaxation.

After the application of the hot stones, the therapist may want to take them off and in the intermitting period continue with a hand massage. Due to the relaxation of the body's tissues, muscles and vessels, the massage is very intensive and healing. Patients who ordinarily fell that they did not get enough from their usual hand massage will feel the difference here as it feels like a deep tissue massage.

The therapist will also place cool (room temperature) marble stones (chemically composed of carbon salts). These will help the body to contract back to before and squeeze out the wastes into their respective systems for disposal. The sensation of coolness in respect to the previous hot environment further enhances the body's engagement with relaxation and is deeply satisfying.

The therapist will then repeat the application of the hot stones and alternate those with the cool marbles and use the changing period to hand massage your body. This alternation and continuous exchange of hot and cold will not only help the body dissipate the stress built up, it has also been proven to be helpful with the waste systems as toxins will find their way to disposal. (This is why this treatment is not recommended for people with blood clots as they may get dislodged).

The therapist will at the end of the session again give a thorough hand massage to reset your body. He/she will do this while applying essential mineral salts.

The therapist will always handle the stones with his bare hands so burning need not be an issue. However, the patient should speak up if they feel that the stones are too hot. If the patient wants a highly intensive deep tissue massage, the therapist may want to use the hot stones to apply pressure when massaging for the ecstatic effect. This treatment should only be done by professional accredited therapists at established spas.

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