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We live in such a fast-paced world these days. Remember the days when you could work 9 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday and call it good? These days most households, even with two full-time working adults work a minimum of fifty to sixty hours a week and then a little extra over-time on the weekends. Add in kids and school activities and keeping up with friends and family. All this adds up to a crazy, busy schedule!

Are you feeling tense and soar after all of that running around? Missed the days when after a run at the gym you would soothe your pains away with an ice pack that felt like it came form the hands of the gods themselves? Then steal yourself away for just an hour and get a stone massage. There are a lot of ways to relax, but a therapeutic massage can't be beat.

Working on the principle of the innate beauty and relaxation derived form alternates that our body feels, hot stones are placed on your body's chakra (energy points). These are the areas where tension builds up over time: your upper back, neck, small of the back, triceps and thigh muscles. The warmth from the heated volcanic rocks then allows your muscles to expend giving you a sensation of utter relaxation! The rocks are then used to exert pressure on your tissues in light, medium or deep tissue massage, depending on the client's preference.

The massage specialist will then take the hot stones off and replace them with cool alkaline based crystals at room temperature which dissipate the heat (and your stress) into nothingness. He will also use the crystals again as massage tools to release the tension in your deep tissue. The alternation of hot stones with the cool ones while being massaged helps to increase blood flow and helps the client feel immensely relaxed.

Before the massage the therapist may want to oil your body with coconut or jojoba oil using his hands to first let your body get accustomed to the environment and to also prepare the body for the 'download' of the stress encompassed in it.

The stones are non-invasive, non-metallic and because the therapist handles them with bare hands the possibility of the stones being too hot is close to impossible. There are no known causes of reaction to this massage except total relaxation! During the therapy, the therapist may also want to apply oil to pressure points to make the hot and cold sensation feel that more intensive.

After the treatment, the therapist will again reset your body with a soothing hand-massage whilst applying oil. The wholly therapeutic experience of a stone massage is an out of this world experience, and you should try it out at a hot-stone massage spa near you.

Please note that the massage should be administered by professionals only who are licensed. They are the only people who know the real chakra points of the body. For a wholesome experience pay for professionals who will not let you down.

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