Rebounding Your Way to Better Eyesight

Every day, we get to experience the marvels of the world. From the simplest of things like a breathtaking sunrise, to magical ones like seeing a new born baby for the first time; it may sound like a cliche, but the world is truly magnificent.

Our eyes are not only the windows to one's soul, they also let us a peak into the souls of others. This is exactly why it's so silly that we often take our eyes for granted. Without realizing their importance, most of us tend to neglect our eyes. These are the organs that let us witness the everyday miracles of life. We should take better care of them.

A nonprofit organization called Prevent Blindness America estimates that 80 million Americans are at risk of eye disease. These diseases may actually lead to poor vision, and if they remain ignored, even blindness.

It's good to know that most of these diseases can be prevented to some extent. It should be noted that most of these common ailments are related to one's age. Some examples are glaucoma, dry eye disease and cataracts.

Here are a few tips to help you rebound your way to better eyesight.

First off, you'll have to re-assess your state of health. Do you have any unhealthy habits? Are you a smoker? Well now is the perfect time to stop. It's common knowledge that smoking brings toxins into the body. Aside from all of the nasty side effects of nicotine to the lungs, it also puts your eyes at risk.

Then, look at your current diet. Studies have shown that some fruits and vegetables can help boost the health of your eyes. The Archives of Ophthalmology conducted a study and found that frequent fruit consumption affected the overall eyesight of an individual.

Carrots are known to have high levels of vitamin A and antioxidants. So are blueberries. It would be great if you can incorporate these in your daily diet. Another kind of berry famous for having beneficial effects to the eyes is the bilberry. These contain compounds called Anthocyanosides. These help protect against muscular degeneration of the retina. Lutein-rich foods are advisable. Spinach is known to have significant amounts of lutein. Lutein is a nutrient that's believed to protect the eyes from oxidative stress.

Lastly, aside from a healthy diet there are also physical ways to prevent eye ailments. For example, if you spend hours in front of the computer or the TV, take a break every 3 hours. Close and massage your eyes in a circular motion. Also, try to look out the window or at the far end of the room. This will help your eyes relax.

When under direct sunlight, make sure that you're wearing sunglasses with enough UV protection. This will not only make you more stylish, it's also good for your eyes.

Our eyes, although often neglected, are far too precious. Without them life will not be the same. Don't worry it's never too late to take care of our eyes. Follow these simple tips and you're on your way to giving your eyes that boost. If you consistently maintain your eyes, you'll surely have good eyesight for years to come.

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