Eyelid Surgery? 4 Facts You Must Know Before Going Under the Knife!
The first thing a person notice's when they first meet are the eyes. If you have saggy eyelids, sagging skin, or wrinkles they can make you look as if you are overtired, aged, and even stressed out.
By Michael Pavlos
Optician and Optometrist Differentiated
What is the difference between opticians and optometrists? This is a question that has caused some confusion to most. People who have trouble with their eyesight just go to an optical shop for a check-up to know if they need eyeglasses or contact...
By Scott Richardson
Oriental Eyelids and Plastic Surgery Answers
Question: I'm a 28 year old Chinese female and dislike my eyelids. My eyelids have always had a flap of skin that hangs down to my lashes. I would like to have the extra skin removed from my lids but am afraid of not looking Chinese to my family.
By Dr. Juris Bunkis
Eyelids and Brow Lifts, Questions and Answers
Q: My upper lids droop over my eyelashes and I would like to have them fixed. I have seen two plastic surgeons, one who agreed that he could help me with my upper lids, another who told me I'd have to have a brow lift as well. My brows are fine...
By Dr. Juris Bunkis
A Basic History on the Contact Lens
Many people wear contact lenses on a daily basis to improve their eyesight or change the way their eyes look. However, most do not know the history of the contact lens itself.
By Adrianna Noton
How To Get The Correct Contact Lenses
If you have noticed that your vision has changed recently, it may be time to consider getting contact lenses. However, there are some steps that you need to follow in order to get the lenses that are right for you.
By Adrianna Noton
A Guide To Good Vision Care
Deteriorating visual health and increasingly poor sight are a fact of life for millions of North Americans from middle age onward. It is a reality of life that as we age, our parts of our body lose their flexibility and vitality.
By George Carmichael
All About Contact Lens
Nowadays contact lenses are a very popular alternative to corrective vision, and they can really help your eyes if you take care of them. There are ways that you can get the most from your contacts, and ensure that they remain comfortable...
By Swift Carl
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