Best Exercises to Get 6 Pack Abs

What are the best exercises to get 6 pack abs? Getting six pack abs is a pride for men, even women. There are two things that must be considered in establishing the six pack abs lose fat and build muscle. And secondly it is influenced by diet and exercise. How to form a six pack requires a consistency that is realized from the implementation of a healthy lifestyle.

Six pack abs is not so easily obtained. It takes time and discipline and strong motivation to get the desired results. Here are the best exercises to get 6 pack abs that you can do by training the muscles and consume healthy foods.

Cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise such as swimming, cycling and even walking is exercise that raises your heart rate and burn fat. Cardio exercise causes the body to expend energy, when the energy has been depleted, the body will use fat as an energy reserve that causes weight loss.

Perform cardio exercise approximately 45 minutes of moderate intensity to high intensity. Walking at a speed of 5.2 m / h for 30 minutes can burn 300 calories your body;
Weightlifting exercise. Did you know that muscle helps burn fat?. The more muscles of the body are formed, the more calories you burn, the body becomes thinner;

Lying on the floor with or without a mat. Put your hands in front of his chest until your palms parallel to the temple looks (do not put your hands behind your head). Bend your knees, lift your shoulders (upper body) to the knee. Use your abdominal muscles while doing this. Keep your stomach flexibility when lifting shoulders off the floor. Exhale through the mouth while shrugging. Pausing for a few seconds then stretch your stomach to breathe through the diaphragm.

Lower the shoulders while breathing in through the nose, do not let your head touch the ground;
Sit-Up. Lying on the floor, legs parallel to the floor. Lift your knees and hands in front of your chest. You can ask someone to hold your feet so as not to move. Start by lifting the back along with the scapula. Keep your back to keep it straight. Lower your back to touch the floor. Repeat this movement;

Lift legs. Lying on the floor, his hands are at your sides. Lift both legs up (straight, not bent) to the legs and body to form a 90 degree angle. Then begin to lower the leg down but not to the floor. Repeat this movement.;

Static Hold. The body was in a push-up position with both elbows as the pedestal on the floor. This position is also known as the plank. The whole point of this exercise is to resist the stomach as long as possible. For starters try to survive for 45 seconds in this position. Hold static positions for experts only have one elbow resting on the side facing the body, one hand parallel to the body.

I recommend that you have to train hard, and of course so that your muscles start to grow, need a break too. Do not keep your abs muscle force trained every day because it will make your muscles tired and did not have time to recover and grow. The basis of the growth is very simple, the more calories you consume, the more likely your muscle growth.

If you only eat mediocre, and from where your muscles can grow. But of course that needs to be considered not just eat a lot. Now you have known the best exercises to get 6 pack abs, don't you?

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