Pushup Routines You Can Do at Home

Although there certainly are a lot of different types of exercises that you can do to get in shape, it is always going to come back, sooner or later, to the pushup. This very basic exercise is perhaps one of the healthiest things that you can possibly do for your body. Not only does it work the chest muscles, which it does very effectively, it also hits the arm muscles as well. Doing push-ups can also help to strengthen your abdominal muscles and make them look good. Here are some things to keep in mind whenever doing pushup routines that can make you get more out of them.

One of the first things to consider is that more is not always better. Whenever many of us first start out exercising with push-ups, we tend to overdo it and this can lead to a number of different problems. One of the most common problems that you're going to experience because of over exercising is burnout. Both are likely, this type of routine is only going to last four days before you are finished. Another problem that can occur is injury, and these are very common whenever you're first starting with a push-up workout. Make sure that you take it easy and you will see a difference.

If you are a beginner, you may want to consider doing some push-ups on your knees whenever you're first starting out. These are generally referred to as girl or sissy push-ups, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing them in this way. The human body is an amazing machine, but whenever you are unaccustomed to doing an exercise, there are parts of it that are going to get used to it quicker than others. Many times, your muscles will get strong but your tendons and joints will still be lagging behind. This can lead to pulled muscles and problems with your rotator cuff.

Varying the type of push-ups that you do can also make a big difference in how much you're going to get out of your workouts. The standard push-up is done with the hands below your shoulders, approximately shoulder width apart. You can widen the distance between your hands in order to work the chest muscles differently. You can also move your hands together and form a diamond shape between your thumbs and first fingers. These work the tricep muscles very effectively.

Finally, there may come a time whenever you need to get more out of your push-up routine than what you are currently able to do. If you want to give yourself a bit more of a challenge, try lifting your legs up to a higher level and keeping your hands on the floor. This puts additional body weight and changes your center of gravity effectively. When you do this, you give yourself more of a workout and you will continue to notice gains over the course of time. That is something that all of us are looking for.

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