How to Lose Extra Fat From the Hips

Staying in good shape and having a great figure is something every one craves for. With an increased emphasis on appearance and presentation these days, body weight and structure have come to play a crucial role. One of the more important regions of the body, which is instrumental to its shape as well, is the hips. Interestingly, the hips are also perhaps the most susceptible to weight gain.

When you look at yourself and scrutinize your body shape from different angles, fat and round hips are likely to be the most glaring parts. Even if you have a narrow waistline and have a correct weight with respect to your height, broad hips might make you look plump and heavy. Thus, it is important to spend some time on the structure of your hips, to do some exercises that are especially aimed at making this part of your body lean, slim and slender.

There are several weight loss exercises that you can try out. In fact, more often than not, people get into fitness training in order to lose weight. However, if it's trimming your hips that you want to workout for, here are a few exercises that may be useful to you. For all these you need a stability ball that will act as your prop while you workout:

Side Bends: Probably the commonest of the hip trimming exercises, here you need to place the ball between your ankles and knees while laying flat on your back. Then try and pull your hips towards your chest. This can be extremely effective in losing extra fat from your hips if you do it correctly.

Leg Press: You need to lie on your back in this exercise as well. The ball is to be placed at your ankles. From this starting position, lift up your ankles along with the ball, but see to it that your lower back is always in contact with the ground. Try and hold your ankles at the lowest height possible; the lower the better. You will feel a tightening feeling in your stomach as soon as you do this. It is sign that you are doing the exercise right.

Trunk Curl: In this exercise you need to place the stability ball against your lower back and then pull your hips towards your chest. In the process your trunk will get curled resulting in fat loss from the hips.

Anchor Reverse Trunk Curl: Here you need to lie flat on your back and hold onto something stable and heavy with your hands. Place the stability ball between your knees and ankles and try to lift it up only by the movement of your hips. Always make sure that your back is touching the ground.

If you do these exercises regularly and under the expert supervision of a personal trainer, you can lose extra fat from around your hips in no time. However, it is important that you do other exercises as well which will take care of the other parts of your body. A fitness trainer will be the best person to walk you through the process.

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