How to Workout in Winter

Winter is that time of the year when you don't feel like getting up from your cozy bed, wrapped in blankets. It is the time to feel lethargic, it is the time to have fun and celebrate Christmas. Amidst all these, if you are neglecting the health and fitness of your body, you are walking on the wrong track. True that you feel like doing away with your regular workout regimen, but its good if you ward off this feeling and start exercising with a new vigor when winter comes.

Exercises can be many. Irrespective of the season and temperature, several of these can be done with ease. You cannot possibly hold winter responsible for the neglect of your body fitness. If you think that working out in the cold is difficult, you are right. But there are ways in which you can combat this difficulty and continue to take good care of your body. The things that you need to remember if you want to workout in winter are:

Warm up Properly: This is very important because this phase gets your blood flowing and makes your body warm. If you warm up for ten minutes during the summer months, take about half an hour to warm up in winter. Also go for warm up exercises that require more body movement. This is because your muscles are further tightened due to the low temperature, so you need to work harder to warm them up. The muscles become more receptive to your workout once they are made warm and active.

Take a Warm Shower: Just after you get out of bed, you might feel a drowsy and sluggish in the winter months. To get ready for your daily workout schedule try taking a warm shower. This makes your muscles active. Otherwise they will be more susceptible to injuries when you exercise.

Take it Easy: If you feel tired and weary to start off with strenuous exercises right away, take time to acclimatize yourself. Doing a session of Yoga is a good idea. This will make you livelier but will be light on your body.

Mix and Match: Apart from feeling fatigued and weary, exercising in the winter can also be a cause of boredom. If you keep doing the same exercises over and over again, you are likely to lose your steam and vigor very soon. Rather, mix up your exercises. If you are doing cardio, choose different machines to do it. That way you can maintain your interest at a steady level. On the other hand if you are doing strength training use the same strategy. For instance if you are working on your chest, do it once with resistance bands and then with a machine, like chest press. This is the best way to keep yourself up and running in the winter months. You can also try mixing up cardio, strength, aerobic and yoga exercises to bring in more variety.

So, this winter pull up your socks and start exercising with new energy. Try these ways to cast away the feeling of cold and lethargy. Take care of your body through regular fitness training and feel good about yourself!

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