Is Jumping on a Rebounder the Perfect Cardio Workout?

You've tried everything out there: you've 'invested' in large, over-sized exercise equipment that doesn't exactly flow with your living room design, you've bought your gym membership, your video library contains almost every aerobics video ever made, and the word 'diet' haunts your vocabulary. You've tried every form of weight loss known to man. But the pounds still remain. How can you keep your self worth and loose the weight?

Trampoline jumping, although it may sound like a real 'stretch', is your long awaited, quick and healthy way to weight loss. Sure, it sounds easy, but is it really that effective?

Trampoline jumping does more for your body than melt away unwanted fat. It's what happens on the interior of your body that is equally astounding as what happens on your exterior. Did you know that jumping on the trampoline stimulates your internal organs, making your cerebral-spinal fluid move around and work out your intestines? Also, trampoline jumping circulates more oxygen to your tissues, also increasing your capacity for breathing. It normalizes your blood pressure and tones your glandular system. It stimulates your metabolism too, so you can steadily loose weight, getting the results you've always wanted.

Did you also know that jumping on the trampoline strengthens your immune system? Rhythmic bouncing has a powerful effect on the lymphatic system, which is responsible for ridding the body of toxins that haven't been absorbed into the blood. This process relies on gravity and body movement to operate.

So if you're not properly exercising your cells, they're left to stew in their own waste as they starve for nutrients. This unhealthy condition can seriously doom your health in the future, as it can lead to dangerous diseases like cancer and arthritis. Jumping on the trampoline rescues your body by increasing your lymph flow by 15 to 30 times with each exercise. Your body can then be rid of those hazardous toxins and you can burn fat fast.

It's easy to start an effective trampoline routine. Buy a mini-trampoline and begin with 5-minute repetitions of jumping. As your fitness level improves, increase your time along with your number of reps. For older jumpers, it's important to give time for your connective tissue holding your internal organs in place to strengthen. So start with jumping for 2 minutes several times per day, resting your body for at least 30 minutes between jumping sessions.

You can add to your cardio exercise by jumping to a trampoline workout video. Move your mini-trampoline into your living room and jump while watching TV or your favorite movie.

Remember to bounce on your trampoline with bare feet so you don't slip. Begin with gentle bounces, keeping your feet in contact with the mat the entire time while you softly bounce up and down. Once you get the hang of this, try jumping with small steps and bounces, letting your feet leave the mat and up into the air. Once you master this, jumping higher and higher will become easier and more natural.

Another great alternative is to buy a large trampoline for the backyard. Then you and your entire family can improve body coordination while loosing weight and practicing healthy exercise habits.

Jumping on the trampoline is wonderful for your body. It's a great stress reducer, it's easy on the joints, and it's relaxing.

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