The Essence Of Yoga: Breathing

Yoga is a 6000-year-old form of physical exercise that not just disciplines our bodies but conditions the mind as well.

The practice of yoga is largely thought of as just the asanas (postures and exercises), yet breathing is actually in the centre of yoga. Some have mentioned "if you can breathe, then you can do yoga". Using breathing strategies to quiet your mind is among the primary objectives of yoga.

By frequently finding the time for yoga, you may become very attentive to your breathing. You may teach yourself to control your breath, which will help you become calm and calm. Also, the form of your asanas will improve the more you focus on your breathing.

It is in our character to allow our minds float into worries of the future and the past. But our bodies are only alive in the present. With the performance of yoga, you can understand how to focus your mind on your body and let go of all of your worries, through proper breathing.

Yoga can help prevent anxiety and illness by letting you do this - releasing of these dangerous, stressful thoughts, even for a short time, restores your body and mind with a healthy balanced state. Focusing on the present is what leads to this benefit.

Yoga shows the concept of awareness breathing while performing poses - this fosters awareness of your technique and better psychological alertness. By drawing the mind into the moment and forgetting all else, you will pull together the huge benefits that yoga has to offer.

This breathing exercise is a very simple method of practicing yoga that will help to let go of stress and balance your thoughts.

* Lie or sit down comfortably and become aware of your normal state of breathing.

* Still aware of your breath, inhale and exhale four counts each several times.

* Now, increase your breathing and exhalations to 5 counts each.

* Then boost the count to six for each inhalation and exhalation. Notice your body - ensure that it is peaceful.

* Continue by doing this till your inhalations and exhalations reach 9 counts. If this sounds like causing you any distress, drop the count back down to more pleasant number for you.

* Keep concentrating on your body and be aware of any pressure. Make a conscious effort to wind down any areas of your body that are tense.

* Whatever your last amount of breaths is, keep on breathing with long breaths for several rounds, then decrease the counting and breathe naturally for ten rounds.

What you should find out from this exercise, as well as with many of yoga's other breathing exercises, is to be able to rest your mind and to still your thoughts so that you are present in your body. Over time, you'll eventually gain mastery on your head breath so that you will be able to call on your breath to still your brain in times of tension and pressure.

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