Exercise: A Possible Depression Treatment
Severe depression has often been approached as a very difficult condition to treat, even with the aid of psychoactive drugs. Even with all of our modern-day medical advances, remission may only occur in about half of patients who are treated with...
By Peg Smith
Getting Started and Sticking With Exercise
The saying goes that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And often you may find that taking that initial step is the most difficult thing to do. So, when you are setting out to achieve your fitness goals, it's important that...
By Mike Umberger
Women's Vegan Athletic Shoes
An active woman knows the value of a good pair of comfortable, sturdy, and long lasting athletic shoes. She wants something that will support her feet while withstanding the abuse of daily wear, not to mention the wear and tear the shoes must...
By Vickie Chatsworth
3 Moves, 300 Muscles, 0 Pieces of Equipment
Walk into a gym, and you'll see hundreds of machines, dumbbells, cardio machines and more. A glittering array of possibilities, a thousand potential workouts and exercises that you can do if you have the expertise and knowledge to stitch together...
By Phillip Tucker
Recommended Exercises For Surfers
Do you love venturing into the water and riding the waves? Surfing is one of the most common and popular water sports across the world and therefore there are many who are easily attracted towards this water sport that requires great skill...
By Manuel Rivers
Too Lazy to Exercise? Motivate Yourself!
Losing weight is a top priority among many. But the way to a good, slim and well toned body often seems to be an uphill climb for several people. There is a rigorous fitness training to go through, there is a diet chart to follow, there are...
By Mike Umberger
How to Workout in Winter
Winter is that time of the year when you don't feel like getting up from your cozy bed, wrapped in blankets. It is the time to feel lethargic, it is the time to have fun and celebrate Christmas.
By Mike Umberger
Is Jumping on a Rebounder the Perfect Cardio Workout?
You've tried everything out there: you've 'invested' in large, over-sized exercise equipment that doesn't exactly flow with your living room design, you've bought your gym membership, your video library contains almost every aerobics video ever...
By Emily Taggart
Adding Exercise to Your Everyday Life is Easy
These times it's more essential than actually to make certain that we are living a healthier lifestyle. This really is simply because our way of life has turn out to be much unhealthier than it has ever been.
By Brent McNutt
Life is a Sport For Everyone
Children love to watch the Olympics. They love to see champions like Michael Phelps win awards and compete for glory. They consider these champions to be their heroes and they sing their praises high and low. Still, when it comes time to get these...
By Irsan Komarga
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