Coping With Arthritis and Pain

Even with arthritis and pain, you can still live a quality life just like normal people. There are just some sacrifices and guidelines that you need to religiously follow in order to lead a normal and fruitful life. Coping with arthritis isn't hard as long as you have the will and determination to overcome the obstacles the diseases may bring.

Doing some exercises

Doctors and healthcare providers always advise even normal people to have some form of activity every day. People afflicted with arthritis should do the same. Choosing the right kind of exercise will decrease the pain and improve your range of motion.

It is recommended that you do exercises that will not strain your joints but rather build the muscles around it. Stretching is also another exercise that is good for the joints that you can do. Simple activities such as walking or cycling or even low impact aerobic exercises can also be done to improve strength and endurance.

Managing your medications

A lot of pain relievers are available in the market for people suffering from the disease. Some are very mild and some are really potent. Remember that all medicines have side effects. You must take arthritis and pain medications only when you need them.

If the pain is tolerable, simply rest and apply a warm compress to the affected area. If the pain becomes moderately severe, you can take over the counter drugs that your doctor has recommended. Do follow the directions on how to take the medicines. Overtreatment of your pain is not advisable, so does undertreatment. You should be able to manage your pain medications to avoid side effects in the long run.

Other coping tips

Constantly feeling pain from arthritis will affect your mood and well being. You can try writing down a journal to release your frustrations and other emotions you might feel. The release will help you somehow cope with the disease and the pain.

Since you already know that you have a disease, a lifestyle change should come in order. Eating well balanced diet will help maintain a good weight that wouldn't put too much burden on your joints. Wean yourself from food that might exacerbate your condition. Proper weight management is advised by most doctors to be able to control the disease and ease the pain.

Avoid smoking at all costs. The connective tissues are very sensitive to smoking. Stressing them out will just mean more pain on your joints. Being in pain and all, it is best not to entertain negative thoughts and attitude. Remember that depression will only increase whatever pain you might be feeling. Try to focus on how to adapt and cope with your situation. You can consider taking some form of therapies that can calm and put your emotions in check.

Overall, talk to your healthcare provider and tell him all the symptoms you are feeling. It is important for your doctor to know all these things even if it is not related to arthritis at all. This will give him complete and detailed information on how to properly manage your arthritis and pain.

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