What is the Treatment For Arthritis?

People who are diagnosed for the first time with arthritis often ask, "what is the treatment for arthritis?" Healthcare science being in constant search for cures offers a lot of options for the treatment of the disease. It can range from the conservative into really aggressive procedures. The choice of treatment of course depends on the diagnosis and condition you have. Your doctor will decide on what's best in managing the disease.

The treatment for arthritis aims to decrease the symptoms of the disease such as pain, swelling, stiffness and inflammation of the joints. It also slows down the progression of the disease. Arthritis if left untreated will cause deformities over time. Having it treated will minimize and prevent such complication. Treatment can also preserve the joint's range of motion and function.

If you find yourself or others still wondering on what is the treatment for arthritis, read on to find out. Some people tend to self treat their condition but this is not recommended. You need to consult a doctor to properly manage the disease and avoid its progression. Doctors will prescribe NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to help prevent and alleviate inflammation around the joints. Sometimes if the pain is not tolerable certain analgesics are also given. If there is severe swelling and inflammation, corticosteroids and COX-2 inhibitors are prescribed. Both these drugs are used in the treatment of inflammation and pain.

Injections can also be given when your doctor sees the need to do so. There are several drugs that are injected to a joint according to the needs of the patient. Cortisone is one of them. This can be administered thrice a year. Sometimes a lubricating fluid known as hyaluronate is injected as a supplement to the synovial fluid. A single injection can give pain relief for up to six months.

When nothing else works, your doctor might recommend surgery. This is considered the last resort for patients. This by far is the most aggressive treatment for arthritis. Surgery is done in order to restore joint function and minimize joint pain. There are several types of surgery done on patients with arthritis. It will involve replacing a certain part or replacing the entire joint.

Nowadays, there are several alternative and complementary options that a patient can do aside from the traditional medicines. But before engaging in any of the alternative medicines or treatments, it is important to tell your doctor first. Several alternative treatments that are popular among arthritis patients are acupuncture, chiropractic and yoga.

Complementary treatments are a must. This includes exercise and a well balanced diet. Choosing the right exercise is very important. It should not stress out the joints but instead strengthen the muscles around it. Regular exercise will also help preserve your range of motion. Eating the right food will help maintain your ideal weight. Your ideal weight should be maintained in order to prevent extra strain in your joints. Aside from that, a healthy diet helps promote good bone health.

So next time someone asks you on what is the treatment for arthritis you'll surely know how to answer.

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