What Are the Causes of Flatulence?

At many points in your life, you have experienced flatulence. This is the act of passing gas or otherwise known as farting where a mixture of gases are expelled through the rectum. It is a usual occurrence in life but some people experience its most severe form that make them wonder why it occurs frequently and even painfully. Here are the causes of flatulence that you should know about.

One of the usual reasons behind flatulence is diet, especially when it is filled with fiber. A healthy lifestyle is when you consume lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains and legumes. Too much of these foods can cause flatulence. They are nutritious but they belong to the complex carbohydrates food category thus they are longer to digest in the body. To easily digest these foods, there are bacteria needed to break them down prior to passing them. During this process, gas is released which then leads to flatulence.

Another cause for flatulence is the type of foods consumed. When the body receives such food, it may not be processing them well. It has the same principle behind foods that lead to allergies in some people. Foods that cause flatulence are artificial sweeteners, dairy products and gluten among others. Some people cannot tolerate such foods when they consume them thus the natural reaction is passing out gas.

There are some beverages that also lead to flatulence and these are drinks that are carbonated. Beer and soda can cause gas because of the tiny bubbles they contain which become larger when they enter the tummy. Artificial sweeteners also cause excessive gas such as mannitol and sorbitol. It is also recommended to avoid spicy and oily foods as these are known to cause flatulence.

One of the causes of flatulence also includes the eating habit of a person. If you do not chew food properly or you eat hurriedly, this encourages air buildup in the tummy. The same goes with talking when you eat because more air shall get into your digestive tract. Overeating in a single sitting will also lead to flatulence.

Flatulence is also caused by the air you breathe. Whenever you drink, eat and swallow, air moves easily into your esophagus. If you do not belch or burp the excess air, it shall find its way in your intestinal tract and is released as gas in your rectum.

There are digestive disorders or conditions that lead to flatulence in some people. If you suffer from irritable bowel disease or syndrome, acid reflux, colitis, constipation or gastroesophageal reflux disease, you may experience flatulence in varying amounts. Such disorders can have an effect on the way food is digested. If food digestion and expulsion is disrupted due to air, bacteria, stomach acids and food, you may suffer from gas buildup thus flatulence becomes more likely.

Flatulence is not considered to be poisonous because it is a natural part of different intestinal contents. You may become uncomfortable though if you refrain from releasing the gas pressure that has accumulated in your body.

These are the causes of flatulence so that you would understand better why it occurs to you.

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