Getting Free From Pain in the Hand and Wrist Region

There are millions of folks who suffer a great deal due to pain in the hand and the wrist. There are quite a few reasons that may be at the root of the problem. In some cases there is a stress disorder that is repetitive, some serious injury or some condition like arthritis that may be causing the pain. The pain can really get out of hand sometimes. It could also lead to a situation where a person feels quite a lot of pain and is unable even to do the simplest of tasks. Some of these could be easy tasks which include writing by hand, door opening using knobs, or opening bottles of pain pills; the situation can be quite unbearable.

It is heartening to note that you can change your condition. You can adopt ways and means to mitigate pain and also get your normal life back. The first tip is to go and meet a doctor. This is useful to make sure as to what the problem exactly could be; what is causing distress? This, in turn, will help as you will get a prescription for pain.

There are some steps that you can take, apart from what the doctor prescribes, in order to bring relief to your hand or wrist:

1. Hand or wrist brace: this is something that is useful in reducing the level of strain on the ligaments as well as the joints in the wrist and hand region. It also helps to ensure that movement is only in the 'comfort zone' of your body

2. Gels of ice or of heat: when you use these gels of ice or perhaps some heat treatment, it helps to produce a cool or warming feeling and also some tingling which helps to soothe the region that has been affected by the pain and discomfort.

3. Cold and hot packs: these are special packs that are used in the case of wrist wraps as well as gloves that are fingerless. It is possible to heat these in the microwave oven or perhaps freeze them in the fridge. These have stronger and longer lasting effects than the gels that were mentioned earlier.

4. Exercises: Some people may have difficulty in believing this, but it is possible to actually reduce the pain in the hand or in the wrist by moving these by means of doing exercises. These exercises help to enhance flexibility of the ligaments and the joints in the area that is affected by pain.

5. Salt soaks of Epsom: This is a rather traditional and conventional form of relieving pain. The containers have simple instructions that can be easily followed. These are also quite inexpensive and for just four dollars you can get as much as three pounds of salts that can last you one full week.

6. Oil lineaments: these are special oils that help in loosening the tissues and calming the nerves of the area that is affected. Some of these may have properties that are aroma therapeutic in nature such that your body can get relaxed and be calm.

7. Herbal balms to reduce pain: The essences of spices, herbs as well as botanical species are something that has been used for centuries to deal with stress and pain. These come in the nature of grease and lotion as well as creams which means that these can have effects for a very long time period indeed.

8. Pain resistance and meditation: The power of the mind is inimitable. It helps to deal with pains and aches and you can read up on this online. This is a method than can be mastered with time, patience and experience so that you can get a hold on the pain at will.

9. Therapy to channel energy: these are some of the techniques-like chakra balance as well as acupressure-that help you to reduce focus on the area that is paining and to enhance sensation to a larger area of the body.

You must remember that all these techniques are not a cure for pain in the wrist or on the hand. But they can indeed help in alleviating pain and stress and also act in tandem with the prescriptions of your doctor. All the best to you as you try and get a hold on the pain and take steps to mitigate its hold on your life.

Brent McNutt enjoys networking with healthcare professionals online. He also likes talking about Landau Scrubs and Landau Shoes and also likes writing articles about various topics.

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