How to Eliminate Armpit Odor?

Armpit odor is a very common problem everybody has. When you have an armpit odor, you might find it to be a very big problem. You may lose face in public and this can greatly affect your self esteem as you will have a hard time moving around in your social circle for fear of being talked about negatively because of your armpit odor. However, there are ways to get rid of armpit odor these days. You can try any of these to make sure you effectively get rid of your armpit odor so that you can move freely and don't have to constantly feel conscious about it.

Always choose the right fabric for your clothes. Choose ones that breathe, ones that can easily let the air pass through them. These fabrics help your body feel cooler and fresh. When your body is much cooler, there is little possibility for your armpit to emit a bad odor. This is especially true during hot seasons when the sun is always up and can cause you to perspire a lot.

Always wash your armpits with soap thoroughly when you take a bath. Take good care of them. Make sure that you clean them in a proper manner so that you eliminate any bacteria that might be present in them. Regularly trim the hair under your armpits because too much hair there can also cause your armpits to sweat a lot and this could also cause bad odor. Hair under your armpits is also the number one spot where bacterias dwell so you have to make sure you properly groom it. You can trim it or shave it regularly if you want to.

Try not wearing the same clothes again and again. Change your clothes as often as needed. Growth of bacteria can also be caused by wearing the same clothes for a long period of time. If you're done a lot of physical activities and you've perspired a lot, change your clothes right away. Perspiration can also cause armpit odor especially if you don't change your clothes right away and your sweat has already dried.

Spicy food can also increase the amount of sweating in your body. Controlling the amount of spicy food you consume will also be able to control the production of body sweat. So, if you have to attend any sort of special social function, avoiding spicy food will help you keep your armpit odor under control.

When you're involved in any sporting activity, make sure you always freshen up after the activity to avoid body odor. Don't be too lazy after wards because by doing so, you're only giving the bacteria in your armpits the chance to be active. This will let your body give out a bad odor. Freshen up as soon as you're done with your sporting activity.

Use a good deodorant to control your body odor. Following the ways to avoid armpit odor mentioned above can be good, but it will still make a difference if you use a good deodorant. Deodorants not only control body odor but also give out a good smelling fragrance from your body. Make sure the deodorant you use contains safe ingredients for you skin.

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