About Swine Flu: What You Need to Know to Prevent Illness?

Swine flu or swine influenza is a kind of infection caused by any one of the swine influenza virus. Poultry and farm workers are highly exposed to these viruses at times and hence they will be the major carriers during any swine flu epidemic. Vet doctors and meat production workers are also susceptible to this infection and hence they can spread it around if there are no proper surveillance systems for them. In case of any swine flu epidemic these people has to be monitored for preventing it further among humans. Only 1 to 4% of infected people will die, and these unfortunate ones usually have secondary illnesses which worsens the effects of the disease.

It can be transmitted directly from pigs to human beings and also from humans to humans. The symptoms for the disease include heavy cough, fever, sore throat, severe body and head ache, fatigue and chills. In the recent outbreak in 2009, severe diarrhea and vomiting was observed. Respiratory failure is observed to be the most common cause of death followed by dehydration, pneumonia and kidney failure. The disease affects mostly kids and elderly people. As the symptoms are somewhat common like the other viral fevers, it is really hard to diagnose with this condition unless the patient is kept under observation.

Swine flu is usually diagnosed by keeping the patient in real time observation and the symptoms of the disease is not just specific to it. Prevention of it actually starts with the pigs and then if there are human contact with the pigs that cord is cut off. And finally human to human transmission is taken care of and prevented from spreading. These are the only three main ways to prevent the swine flu from spreading.

Swine flu can spread when some infected person cough or sneezes and spread the virus in the air. If someone came to inhale this or touched any part where the virus was still alive, there is a chance that person might get the infection as well. Washing hand so often and staying away from the public during such conditions are best advised. Vaccinations are available in the market now that can bring down the severe condition down in just ten days. Proper care and medication can control the situations to a very great extent. During swine flu epidemic it is always advised to wear a face mask and to stay away from others as far as possible. The flu epidemic is a very severe condition that can affect a lot of people under a very short period of time.

Swine flu should be brought under control and various labs are under constant research to bring out the proper vaccines and medication system for this situation. Always be careful while traveling to swine flu infected countries and make sure you get a thorough checkup if you come across any symptom that swine flu usually shows. Keep reading to get more knowledge in depth about the disease. Here all you have got is an outline about the flu. Preventions are always better than finding the cure.

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