Living With Asthma: Daily Routine To Avoid Asthma Triggers

Asthma is one of the most common diseases in the world. It's quite true that today it plagues both children and adults. Today, anyone can get asthma irrespective of his/her lifestyle. The reason why these attacks occur is because mucus accumulates inside the lungs. The mucus membrane present inside the respiratory tract swells. This swelling causes generation of the histamine chemical that produces a further inflammation inside the respiratory tract accompanied by a difficulty in breathing.

Asthma is very problematic for anyone because a loss of breathing even for a few seconds in an asthma attack can cause death. Asthma patients have to carry the pumps with wherever they go so that breathing is restored on time through their use.

Asthma implies a problem in breathing due to a constriction in the air passage. There are many kinds of asthma triggers. An asthmatic patient may get an asthmatic fit due to allergic reactions to objects like pet hairs, dust and insects. Stress is also one of the causes of the attack. Even season change is one of the triggers of this disease. The ways to control asthma are yoga, swimming and keeping the home clean. Make sure that you don't ingest heavy meals in the night. Also, refrain from smoking which can worsen the causes of this disease.

Asthma attacks normally happen in the night. Other ways to combat this disease are eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. Keep stress and anxiety at bay. Also, consume a large amount of fatty fishes like mackerel and sardines. Even consuming a lot of water can be a way to reduce the intensity of this disease. An asthma patient is supposed to avoid all those foods that can increase production of mucous inside the nose. Therefore, he should abstain from ingestion of items like cheese, soy sauce, mushrooms and synthetic additives. Some people use instant soup mixes, but they should not be taken at all by patients of this disorder.

Taking a cup of coffee or tea sometimes can also prevent an attack of this disease. Drinking check soup can also ensure that you do not suffer from any attacks. Potted plants can also cause asthma attacks. The pollen of plants induces such attacks. Even the dust present in them can lead to a paucity of breath. Children who get asthma have weak immune systems. Make sure that if your child has a weak immune system he does not get asthma because then this disease will continue forever. Even stress is a huge cause of asthma.

Extrinsic asthma is more short-lived as compared to chronic asthma because it is, caused by some external factors. Once it happens, you are forever restricted to visiting doctors and using breathing pumps. So, try to avoid causes of extrinsic asthma like pollen and dust.

Not much research has, been done about asthma and its causes. However, by taking some precautions you can ensure that you are able to free a disease-free life.

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