Addressing Disability in the Elderly: How to Provide a More Comfortable Life?

As people age and grow older, some sort of disability is expected. Old age may cause partial blindness, difficulty in hearing, and even difficulty in motor movements. This simply suggests that disability in elderly is a reality everyone should face. And for those who have disabled parents, it can be quite challenging to take care of them while working and taking care of their own children. The desire to personally take care of our elderly parents will always be there, but some simply do not have the time to accomplish this.

Because of these circumstances, there is a need to decide what would be best for the elderly. Some decide to bring their elderly to nursing homes or other geriatric institutions where they can be properly cared for. However, it is sometimes very difficult to be separated and to not be able to take care of our elderly parents or guardians who have raised us and cared for us while we are still not able to defend and care for ourselves.

There is still another option that will allow us to take care of our elderly parents while living a normal life and doing our daily routines and responsibilities, and that is to look for someone else who can take care of them for us. Right now, there is a big demand for personal caretakers and nurses who will be able to take care of our elderly parents while we are not around to do the job.

Hiring a personal caretaker or a nurse will allow us to let our elderly parents stay home where they are most comfortable. Because of this, we will not be forced to bring our elderly parents to a nursing home where we will not be able to monitor their condition or if see if their needs are properly addressed. Hiring personal help will also ensure that our elderly parents do not experience having to rely on a neighbor or on social services to visit them and check on them.

The rates of hiring a personal caretaker are lower than hiring a personal nurse. In addition, personal caretakers will be able to accomplish everything that an elderly needs, from bathing, feeding, and even buying groceries and going to the bank in behalf of the elderly. Hiring a nurse on the other hand, will be more expensive, and a nurse usually only takes care of the patient's health needs which includes drinking medicines, but they usually would not involve themselves with any housework or errands.

If your elderly parent is suffering from a medical condition however, it is recommended that you hire a nurse, especially if there is a possibility that the elderly might need emergency medical assistance anytime and requires 24-hour monitoring. If your elderly parent, however, is only suffering from general disabilities and requires a medical check-up once in a while, then a personal caretaker might be the best option for you.

The decision to hire a nurse or a caretaker will depend on the personal condition and circumstances of the elderly. It is just up to us to determine who would be able to provide the most suitable service. Whether we decide to hire a personal caretaker or a nurse, it will serve the same purpose. We will still be able to go on with our lives and at the same time make sure that there is someone who will look after and take care of our elderly parents who do not have the ability to take care of themselves anymore.

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