What Are the Different Types of Disability?

What is a disability and What are the different types of disability. Well, anything that impairs you from doing a daily activity is a disability and there are many different types of disability claims. You can claim a physical disability or a mental disability. You do not have to be born with a disability, in fact, more people acquire disabilities later on in life rather than being born with a disability.

There are many physical disabilities that you can have. Physical disabilities include eyesight, hearing, walking, or inability to move a part of the body. Consider even the slightest things, if your vision is not too bad, but not perfect, then you can be considered to have a sight disability. If you cannot hear out of one ear, you may be considered to have a hearing disability.

One type of disability that effect plenty of people today is Eyesight disability. If you wear glasses you have the Eyesight disability. If you have slightly bad vision, you can claim Eyesight disability. Sometimes, you may have bad vision because of your age. The older you get, the more likely you are to have Eyesight disability. Your eyesight can go bad over time as you get older.

If you have a hard-time hearing people talk, or you constantly are asking people to repeat what they have said, you may have a hearing disability. It does not matter if you only have partially bad hearing or fully bad hearing, you still qualify as having a disability. If you have a hearing aid, you are also considered to have a hearing disability.

If you lost a finger or a body-part from an accident, then you can get physical disability because you do not have what the average person has. Maybe you cannot walk or move a part of your body, this can be considered a physical disability. Any body-part that you do not have that prevents you from living the average life is considered a disability.

Mental disabilities can be claimed if you have trouble taking in the information of other people, you cannot do daily activities by yourself, or if you cannot communicate with other people. Sometimes mental disabilities are acquired at birth, but other times you can obtain a mental disability from a drastic accident like a car crash.

If you have a tough time communicating with other people, then you may be able to claim a mental disability for it. If you are not able to think easily without somebody to assist you, then you probably can claim a disability. People who have dyslexia are considered to have a disability because letters and other things appear backwards or upside down where as people without dyslexia see letters normally.

Anything that makes daily activities difficult, whether it is physically or mentally difficult can be considered a disability. Whether it is something as small as wearing glasses to not being able to walk, they all can be disabilities. There are a lot of disabilities that you can possibly have so ask your doctor today.

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