1. Wheelchair Accessibility For an Entryway: Ramps and Vertical Lifts
    People with small mobility issues can usually manage one or two steps at an entryway. Those who use canes and walkers, for example, quickly become good at navigating small steps.
    By Brad Brubaker

  2. Maintaining Mobility on the Go
    People who use wheelchairs or power chairs run the risk of becoming isolated out of fear of not being able to get around beyond their own homes. Ramps, handrails and other accessories in a home make it a safe and easy place to navigate.
    By Brad Brubaker

  3. Bathroom Independence For People With Mobility Problems
    Bathrooms are the site of most slips and falls in the home. Most fall-related injuries are suffered by those who are 65 and older, so there's a special need for safety features in a bathroom when there are elderly people in the home or people who...
    By Brad Brubaker

  4. Addressing Disability in the Elderly: How to Provide a More Comfortable Life?
    As people age and grow older, some sort of disability is expected. Old age may cause partial blindness, difficulty in hearing, and even difficulty in motor movements. This simply suggests that disability in elderly is a reality everyone should face.
    By Brent McNutt

  5. Guidelines in Choosing the Right Mobility Aid
    Mobility aids provide support to the limited movements of the disabled or injured and even the old. These include walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, lifts and motor scooters to name a few.
    By Laura Stephens

  6. What Are the Different Types of Disability?
    What is a disability and What are the different types of disability. Well, anything that impairs you from doing a daily activity is a disability and there are many different types of disability claims. You can claim a physical disability or...
    By Jerry Taylor

  7. All About The Power Wheelchair
    The advancements in the modern-day power wheelchairs have greatly benefited today's disabled patients. As a result, global demand for the chairs has soared making power wheelchair manufacturing a truly international endeavor.
    By Adam Munch

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