Tackling Daily Anxieties

Anxiety is a state where people are usually apprehensive over an event or situation. However this state in itself is normal except unless prolonged where it could result in a dangerous health situation. When prolonged, it could result in tensions and a mental disorientation.

Some people have a bad habit of wanting to be anxious to keep them focused or excellent but it could result to prolonged anxiety. When people feel anxious most of the time, worry excessively, are usually fearful over situation they can hardly take care of. This is a sensitive part of emotions. People with an attitude of feeling concerned over others and everything doing everything well to the letter are usually prone to prolonged anxiety.

Prolong anxiety leads to irrational thoughts and sufferers have a feeling of not been able to control their worrying. Tensions and unexplainable guilt are usually symptoms.

People personality traits and pattern of thinking are usually root causes.

Emotional people and excellent goal getters.

Irrational thinking is a major symptoms of prolonged anxiety. Fears of enemies, failure, disappointments etc. Worries about situation is the power of prolonged anxiety.

Traits are usually found in

Over ambitious people

People who worry over comparing themselves with others

Very religious people

Superstitious people

People who suffer major setbacks that dents their ego

People who experienced devastating loss and disappointments beyond their expectations, it creates a sense of little or no control and prediction over events. It collapses confidence psychologically

Idle and lazy attitudes in life

All this traits usually create an emotional imbalance except addressed properly.

Over ambitious people are gullible.

You are not in competition with anyone. There are no mates in life. Many "mates" are in grave. Life is not how far but how well. life is not a straight road but a circular road where you get back to the beginning. If you do the beginning well you will meet it back.

Most great people did not expect they will arrive at where they are right now. Generally this is how success works. Don't be deceived by some motivational books of programmed principles. We work responsibly daily expecting success but stagger into great success even to our surprise.

It is not how ambitious you are that gives you success ,neither do you know what will give you your great success. Don't worry over nothing!

Worry comparing yourself with others wont help.

Identical Twins have different lives. Even your reflection on the mirror is not you, but your reflection! Don't compare yourself with others. Every body fits into his life. People have their individual strengths and weaknesses, visions and plans, back grounds and families, history etc. Some are born kings, princes, with privileges , other without any. Life is your life. So be clever at it and build yours with wisdom.

Very religious people should know when to draw the line.

Its an irony but one of the easiest ways to slip into anxiety is when one is very religious in the name of faith! Don't shy away from it! So me faith practices and prayers are actually done in anxiety. Consistently thinking in the miraculous in this pattern creates chronic anxiety. God is not mocked! The fact that God can do all things shouldn't be an excuse to tempt God! Like turning stones to bread. Yes God can do all things but usually doesn't. No crime! Man has the responsibility to live his life wisely. Miracles are the exclusives rights of God to help man when man is showing responsibility in his life even without expecting it. It is not because you expects miracles it happens. But show responsibility it may happen.

Irrational fears of being hurt should be addressed wisely.

Every thing is reasonable and logical even miracles. If God created the world then He can do all things, but He usually doesn't because man should be responsible and accountable.

Fears of hell, death, devil etc. God created hell not for us but for the devil and his angels. If you live wisely on earth with a good conscience, why bother.

Death is natural not supernatural, we only hope for it in old age.

The devil exist. So what? God did not send any one to fight the devil. Have you seen anyone who has killed the devil. God has judged the devil. Just live wisely in life.

Pray responsible prayers not prayers of anxieties. Live the miracles for God and pray reasonable prayers.

Anxiety foundation. http://crushinganxieties.blogspot.com/

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