Causes of Panic Attacks

The things that trigger a panic attack are not always the same. A panic attack can be triggered by a high volume of traffic you're in or the very demanding voice of your boss. These triggers might leave you wondering what really causes a panic attack. The question we often ask ourselves is if there are several causes for panic attacks. Or is it just simply a single thing which can be triggered by many other factors?

Although panic attacks can be triggered by a lot of things and situations, fact is, there is only one root cause of a panic attack per person. Which means that for every person who experiences a panic attack, there is a unique cause for each. There are endless possibilities as to what causes a panic attack but there are a few that are quite very common to the medical field.

It has been said that panic attacks are hereditary. Unfortunately, it's a disorder that everyone can inherit from their parents. There have been a lot of individuals who have proven that they have inherited their panic attacks from either their parents or grandparents. Family trees of some panic attack patients have proven that they have relatives who also have the same disorder as them.

Another cause of panic attacks would be a personal loss of something that has a great significance in your life. It could be the loss of a loved one, losing a job, or losing your house. Losing something that you value too much can severely cause stress and this can cause your panic attack. For example, losing a job can be very stressful because you know that it will be very hard to find a new one. Or the death of a loved one or someone very close to you can be very stressful because you've been so used to having that person around and you cannot imagine going through your life without that person anymore. This stress then causes a panic attack.

Medicine or prescription drugs can also cause panic attacks. For some, it could come as a initial reaction for taking the drug and eventually wears off. But for some, it can be very persistent which would cause severe panic attacks several times a day. If this is the case, it's best that you ask for a different prescription to avoid having these anxiety attacks.

Lastly, the most common cause of a panic attack would be stress. Anything or anyone who can give you loads of stress can actually cause your panic attacks. When you have too much things on your mind, your body tries to find a way to release them. And this can come in the form of your panic attacks. You should take this as a sign to try to find time to relax and get your mind off all the stress you have.

There is always a way to manage your panic attacks. You can try the cognitive behavioral therapy which is known to be highly effective. This therapy actually aims to stop the root cause of your panic attacks by trying to connect your behavior with your thoughts.

The important things about having panic attacks is that you determine the causes of your panic attacks and you find a way to resolve them or get over them. The causes of panic attacks can be every where. You just need to be aware of them and try to avoid them as much as you can.

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